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4 Must-Know Traits of Generation Z

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This Unique Generation Will Carve Own Path, Reshape Workforce

Roughly defined as the generation born in the late 90s and later, Generation Z begins turning 18 this year. Don’t discount their potential influence; these young thinkers are armed with learning from previous generations’ missteps.


  •  They’re Financially Sensible: Generation Z came of age when the nation — and their parents — were buried financially by the Great Recession. Gen Z lived through these hardships, and many experts speculate they could bear a striking similarity to the Great Generation, who grew up during the Great Depression.
  • Entrepreneurship is Engrained: As children, Generation Z saw widespread entrepreneurial success from leaders like Mark Zuckerberg. This generation sees entrepreneurism not as an opportunity to make money, but to define their own work standards and contribute to society on their terms.
  • They’re Digitally Native: The birth of the Internet coincided with the birth of Generation Z. They don't remember a world before dot coms and Google. Connecting to the world digitally is so inherent in this generation that they are constantly plugged in and see this as only a positive. With massive amounts information at their disposal, Gen Zs are experts at interpreting data quickly and thinking about it critically.
  • They're Masters at Personal Branding: Growing up in a world of Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, Gen Z has a deep understanding of how they are portraying themselves to the world. They value the importance of managing their personal brand and know how to make themselves stand out without being too controversial.


This one-of-a-kind generation will carve its own path, just as previous generations have left distinct footprints on the world. No doubt, they will inevitably reshape the workforce too.

Move over, Millennials. There’s a new generation entering the workforce and they're set to reinvent the modern office as we know it.

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Jennifer Lawhead

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