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8 Unique Vacations Driven By A Person's Motivators


When it comes to vacation destinations, the possibilities are limitless. From local getaways to round-the-world cruises, people vacation in countless different ways. What causes one person to wish for the water while someone else pines for the woods? Why do some people yearn for rest and relaxation while others crave death-defying adventures? Vacation destinations can be determined by a person’s primary behavioral drivers. Depending on what drives you, it’ll determine where you drive...or fly...or sail.

These eight unique vacation experiences showcase eight unique behavioral drivers. What a person is motivated by most will likely dictate what type of vacation that person enjoys.


1. Learning-driven vacation

Someone with an intellectual driver craves knowledge. They are driven by opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and discover all they can about the world and everything in it. The thrill of the vacation starts as soon as they start researching for their trip.

This person enjoys vacationing somewhere where they can imbibe as much knowledge as possible. Those who enjoy fine art or fine wine may be apt to visit Paris while those who want to surround themselves with knowledge may make a pilgrimage to an Ivy League school for a learning event or conference where they can put themselves in the presence of, and learn from, some of the world’s brightest minds.

2. Best bang-for-the-buck vacation

Those with a resourceful driver value maximizing efficiency and returns for their investment of time, talent, energy and resources. This person wants to get the most out of their vacation dollar and use their vacation time wisely. They are likely to see and do as much as possible.

This person is most likely to price shop as they plan their vacation, regularly checking websites for better deals on hotels, airfare and rental cars. They don’t mind spending the money but want to maximize their value.

Las Vegas would be a good bet to satisfy these motivators. The hotels are relatively inexpensive for the value provided. Many high-value, low priced buffets are available, and in Vegas, there’s no reason to even rent a car, reducing the expense of the vacation. The possibility that a little luck in the casino may deliver a return on their investment makes Vegas the perfect destination for the resourceful person.

3.  Beauty-driven vacation

Those with a harmonious driver live life in the moment and seek out beauty in their surroundings. This person wants to go somewhere visually stimulating where they can take a lot of pictures to remember their experience. The harmonious types are happy on a beach, in the mountains, gliding on tranquil waters on a picturesque lake.

Living in the moment, cost is not really a concern; enjoying the experience is what matters. They view vacation as something special and will try to make every detail enjoyable to create the perfect experience.

Visiting the beauty of a locale such as Hawaii, The Caribbean or Bora Bora would be on most harmonious-type’s short list. A Mediterranean cruise or ski trip to Lake Tahoe also fit the bill for this beauty seeker. Living in the moment, it’s all about having the right drink in the hand with the right song on the radio while relaxing in an idyllic spot.


4.  Strategically-planned vacation

Intentionally-driven individuals are all about operating with a laser-focused purpose. This includes how they deal with others; being driven to assist others for a specific purpose. People driven by intention may take a trip to a specific place with specifically chosen people that can positively benefit them personally.

The intentional driver will cause a person to go to great lengths to plan a vacation that accomplishes a very specific goal. For example, an intentional person may go on a mountain-climbing adventure with a friend, helping that person accomplish their goal of getting up the mountain because, ultimately, it helps them do the same. They are willing to help the other person, not because they are altruistic, but because it helps them accomplish their own specific goal in the process.


5.  Trip to help others

The altruistic people of the world are driven to assist others for the satisfaction of being helpful. They do not expect a return, as the satisfaction of being helpful is all they require.

Trips to rebuild communities after natural disasters or to help impoverished children in third-world countries are popular destinations for those driven by altruism. Clear examples of altruistic acts were regularly seen after hurricanes decimated the southern US, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands over the past few years.

Visiting a destination where a cause is of high importance is also a hallmark motivator for this group. For example, a person who spends years sponsoring a child in a third-world country may take a trip to that child’s homeland to have the opportunity to make a personal connection with the child and his/her family.


6.  A trip of prestige

Those with a commanding driver are driven by status, recognition and control over personal freedom. They want to be anywhere that is considered ‘the’ place to be and they want everyone to know they there.

People will this driver will be highly motivated to post their experiences on social media to be sure the world knows they were there. They’ll likely dress up in nice clothes, rent an expensive car, dine at the finest restaurants and stay at five-star resorts. Money is no object; making sure they are noticed is what matters.

Visiting exotic and exclusive international locales such Dubai or Ibiza or the vibrant (and pricey) nightclubs of Miami fit the bill. Bucket list checkers, the commanding type will likely visit New York City on New Year’s Eve at least once, doing everything they can to get Ryan Secrest’s attention so they can be on TV.


7.  Someplace new

Receptive driven people seek new ideas, methods and opportunities that fall outside a defined system for living. They are all about trying something new. The unknown not only doesn’t scare them, they seek it out. Those with receptive drivers understand there’s a great big world out there and they want to see as much of it as they can.

You won’t see the receptive person purchasing a timeshare that confines them to a single location. They’re all about exploring new places, doing new things, meeting new people and having new experiences.  Their next vacation destination? Anyplace they haven’t been before.

8.  Tradition-based vacation

Those who live with within a structured-driven environment take comfort in history and tradition. They like proven methods, traditional approaches and a defined system of living. Unlike the receptive person who craves change, the structured person would love to purchase a timeshare which assures them a week at the same vacation destination, and even better if it’s in the same unit of the same resort, year after year. They will meet new people at their home away from home that will become lifelong friends.  

Another characteristic found in those with structured drivers is the importance of tradition. Often showing itself in the form of patriotism and national pride, great vacation include a visit to a civil war monument, the nation’s capital, Pearl Harbor or anything representing national significance.

The final frontier

Vacations come in all shapes, sizes and destinations. People’s vacation destinations are, often times, driven by their strongest motivators. People’s drivers explain the “why” people tend to do what they do. Understanding what drives someone can be a strong predictor of where they’ll go on their next vacation. Travel marketers would be wise to learn more about a person’s drivers so they can create the perfect travel getaway based on what means most to an individual.


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