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A Look At The Action Required By Opportunity

TTISICon Sneak Peek: The Best is Yet to Come

There’s no perfect opportunity, there’s only opportunity. What are we going to do with it? That’s the big question that confronts us—the question that lingers in our heads amidst all the options, choices and uncertainties.

The Best is Yet to Come. (TBIYTC if you like acronyms) This isn’t a question. It’s a statement. How do we deliver on it is the question? The big question that provokes us as it lingers in our head among all that we know and all that remains unknown.

One thing’s for sure, we can’t just sit and wait with our minds full of lingering questions and expect the best course to surface. Opportunity requires action. This is our opportunity, both individually and collectively. It’s not about being trendy nor is it about being comfortable. Truth be told, opportunity often arrives uninvited, requiring us to figure out what we will do with it now that it’s presented itself.


Acting on Uninvited Opportunity

As Value-added Associates and Master Distributors of TTI Success Insights, this is about how we respond. It's about the local and worldwide impact of professionals that engage, challenge and advance—deliberately, decisively and purposefully.

TBIYTC is about what came before, where we find ourselves now and where we will go into the future. Each of us, all of us, are facing times of change, of building, of challenge and of difference. Will we be able to look back on opportunity and say “well done”? In order to do so, we must approach our future enthusiastically and without delusion. Be unflinchingly real, authentic, and purposeful.

What doors have opened? What doors have closed? What doors have opened and then closed? We’ve got to be all in to be ready for The Best is Yet to Come.

Please plan to join me along with our fellow VAA’s and Master Distributors from around the world for the closing keynote at the 2017 TTI Success Insights International Conference. This is where we will experience firsthand what The Best is Yet to Come means uniquely and specifically.

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