Dec 24, 2019 | 3
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A TTI Christmas Story


T’was the week before Christmas and at TTI, we were working toward Conference as our pace would imply.

Stacy, Thomas and Ann Marie were making phone calls filled with glee. Shouting in unison 1,2,3… let’s start the year off successful, for you and for me.

Cindy signs them up and Brittany knocks it out of the park. Carol and Favor keep clients engaged...a couple of training sharks.

The solutions consultants were guiding with care, working like elves with many gifts to share. Cassandra was kind and Tom always listened, Kayla was helpful and Darcy, on a mission. They were all helping Brandon settle into his role, and with the wisdom of John Carli… didn’t miss a soul.

Jenny held down the front and provided unexpected security, while Hannah shipped shipments and left print delays in obscurity. 

Nancy kept tabs from afar, and billed with ease, as Anne made sure we dotted our I’s and crossed all our T’s.

Teressa and Sarah helped keep us in compliance, also keeping us healthy through Cigna suppliants.   

Dr. Eric found new insights and Dr. Ron approved. Dustin uncovered new brainwaves which Erin then reviewed. Rob did some digging, as only Rob can and helped to discover EQ answers just for Suzanne.

Sandy made a plan to take distributors on an Odyssey, while Cherisse worked to automate and make things occur more simply. Rodney kept things going in a non-traditional manner. Looking to expand on our TTI banner.

The programmers were busy with their keyboards click-clacking. John K made homemade snacks, Brent’s comments weren’t lacking. Philip worked quietly,  no louder than a mouse while Ryan gained buy-in bouncing from house to house. Richard worked hard to tie our systems together, while Dimitri planned his visit, no matter the weather. 

Chris created SSO while Craig kept monitors glowing. Courtney made sure content translated to keep our MD’s going. Amy kept the global fair happy… and lately,  Kefei was out having her baby. 

Vanessa worked late, into the night, to make sure international stayed a delight. 

While Marketing may be small, they sure are mighty. Patrick and Jessica are diligent, as they work to beat Wiley.

The creative team, what can we say. They make our stuff better in most every way. Kate with her illustrations, and Jessie with her unique style, keep our content lively and current... there is no denial. Diana makes our websites friendly for our users. And Alec and James amazing video producers. Bobby keeps all things creative and coordinated which brings us to Candice keeping us on task and order dated. Dave, Ashley, and Rick at the top of their game are no doubt leading TTI to it’s fame.

We’ll push through the rush and we’ll work at our best to make sure this conference is better than the rest. As we wrap this up and our story comes to an end, we say thank you to our staff to our people, to our friends.    


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Suzanne Dmuchoski

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