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TTI Success Insights' 5 Most Viewed  Blogs of Winter 2019

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As a leading voice in the assessment solutions/talent management industry, TTI Success Insights explores common issues affecting people across all levels of business today. Blog topics seek to address solutions to real-world problems and challenges people face on a daily basis when it comes to topics such as hiring, organizational development, coaching, leadership, motivation, goal setting, behavior-style identification and emotional intelligence, to name just a few.

Below you'll find the five most viewed TTI Success Insights blogs over the past three months. If you missed them when they originally published, here is your chance to revisit this valuable information. Or, share these blogs with others who may find the information valuable.

1. 7 Traits Typically Found in Highly Emotionally Intelligent People
First Published: Feb 21, 2019

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is a hot button topic these days, especially in the workplace. It is widely believed, and rightly so, that individuals with high emotional intelligence tend to better manage the rigors and stresses found regularly in the workplace. Some people even argue that having a high EQ is more important than having a high IQ.

2. 10 Defining Characteristics of Generation Z
First Published: Jan 16, 2019

These ten defining characteristics of Generation Z will help better articulate what sets this generation apart from others, notably the Millennials with whom they are regularly confused.

3. What Companies Need to do to Attract Top Talent in 2019
First Published: Jan 15, 2019

For an organization to grow today, it takes a more concerted effort of attracting and retaining great employees. Companies now need to take a much more proactive approach in seeking out great talent. In a sense, it’s something of a role reversal with the company needing to sell itself to the candidate today as much, or more so, than the candidate selling him/herself to the company.

 4. 6 Reasons Your Employees May Be Planning Their Escape
First Published: Jan 23, 2019

It would probably come as a surprise, if not a shock, to find out that upwards of 75% of a company’s workforce may be open to - or are actively searching for - a new job at any given time. Additionally interesting is that about 58% of United States adults look around at least monthly for a new job.

5. 5 Tips For Onboarding New Employees
First Published: Feb 12, 2019

With fewer candidates available in the marketplace, hiring the right ones the first time - and keeping them - is more important than ever. What can your company do to complete a successful onboarding process with its new employees? Keeping these five keys in mind will ensure your employees stay engaged and feel like they are becoming a meaningful part of your organization during their onboarding period.

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