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DISC Toolbox: What is it?


As we approach mid-March you’ve probably heard a little murmuring about our newest product, the DISC Toolbox. This professional seminar product has been something we’ve highly anticipated bringing to our network and unveiled at R3. 

But, to most people, DISC Toolbox doesn’t really explain what it exactly is, because it’s so much more than a toolbox. So, we went to the source, Jered Kalkman, a Master Distributor from the Netherlands. The DISC Toolbox came from his mind as a professional seminar tool that VAAs could use to demonstrate DISC in a more hands-on experience for their clients. When the opportunity presented itself to hear straight from him we knew this was something our network needed to hear.


Who is Jered Kalkman? 

Jered Kalkman is a Master Distributor from the Netherlands that started his journey with TTI Success Insights 7 years ago. His father, having been a good friend of Bill J. Bonnstetter, started his master distributorship in 1994. Jered is 44, he’s been married for 23 years and he and his wife are the parents to 4 sons. He’s a busy guy full of ideas of ways to make his network be the most successful.


Where did the idea of DISC Toolbox come from? 

Kalkman is an idea person, after all, have you seen those handy DISC Rubik’s cubes? He’s always looking for ways to make concepts visual. One afternoon he was looking at his own physical toolbox and made the connection between a VAA and their toolset, and a handyman and their tools. So, he got to work contacting Festool and working with them to create a toolbox that used all four colors of DISC to demonstrate how the behavior styles work together. From that, the DISC Toolbox was created and became an instant hit in the Netherlands, which made David Bonnstetter, the CEO of TTI Success Insights, take notice. 


Why was the DISC Toolbox created?

Kalkman asked one big question: “How can we make a difference?” He wanted to bring something to his network, and their clients, that could contribute to providing key insights, learning something about themselves and the tools, a learning and training aid, AND something that would be qualified as support material.

In his experience, the VAAs in the Netherlands identify themselves as contractors. They are the partners that help clients rebuild their organizations and find new ways to fix old problems. 

The DISC Toolbox was created for those solution providers, the VAAs that work day in and day out to create winning outcomes for their clients. It’s a tool that allows facilitators to take a hands-on approach in their training. It’s an excellent way to get people involved so that they can fully understand what they are learning and how they fit into an organization.


What am I getting in this toolbox and what can I use it for?

This toolbox contains a lot of material that will support you in your business, check out what it includes below:DISC-Toolbox-Bundle-Email-Header

1 Full-Size Toolbox: This stylish kit is more than just a carrier, it is the tangible story of DISC. With it’s Red (D) Yellow (I) Green (S) and Blue (C)  colors, the DISC toolbox clearly demonstrates how all of the behavior styles work together.

1 Mini Toolbox: A great way to sport your business cards, the mini toolbox tells the big story of DISC on a smaller scale. Order extras for engaging training leave-behinds.

1 Set of DISC Training Cards: Our DISC Training cards come with in-pack activities. The utilization options are wide. Study definitions with a new learner or complete a job benchmark with a seasoned pro.

1 Set of DISC Playing Cards: From Poker to Old Maid, our DISC playing cards can be used as a traditional deck or training tool through engaging games that highlight all of the best characteristics our DISC factors have to offer.

1 DISC Training Mat: Great for the visual learners and team trainings, the DISC Training Mat helps participants experience DISC through spatial and physical activities that allow them to truly visualize what a behaviorally balanced team can accomplish.

1 set of DISC Highlighter Pens: The DISC Pens with highlighters is a creative way to get the conversation of DISC started. They are also a great training leave-behind and available for individual sale.

2 DISC Rubik’s Cubes: The DISC Cube is a fun representation of the DISC graph. Create your graph and explore your behavioral opposite with this challenging leave-behind that enables clients to see themselves in a hands-on way.

1 Talent Insights® White Board: The Talent Insights White Board integrates our next level of assessment (12 Driving Forces) into a reusable training tool with multi-graph activities. It is a great transition tool to grow into a multi-science business.

Exclusive Training Activities: Not quite sure how to use all of these new learning tools? We have you covered. Each full Toolbox comes with a downloadable training guide. Spoiler! We will be adding more activities to download as they are developed.


When can I use it?

In a word, any time you want. The purpose of this toolbox is to fit in wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you are facilitating training, debriefing reports, generating leads,  or promoting your business this is a way to expand your service offerings to clients. This kit contains tons of materials that will aid you in providing the most immersive experience for your existing and potential clients. 

The best part? Right now, these toolboxes are available exclusively to our network at a special rate, so if you’re curious about learning more we’ve got a team of people ready to answer questions. Reach out to us here for more information.


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