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Everyone has issues, and here’s how you solve them

hikers in the desert“Everyone has issues and if someone says they do not have an issue, that is their first issue.” This personal quote is one I use often and is one of the greatest truisms that I have experienced in leading hundreds of leadership development processes over the years.

The first step in every leadership development process is for the leader to tell his or her story. In every story, the leader/individual has an issue or challenge in their life. Those issues can be physical, emotional, career-related, financial or relationship-oriented challenges, to name just a few.

This learning has taught me several things. First, it helps me put my challenges into context. Everyone has issues so my issues are not any more or less important than theirs. Second, I recognize the need to be more compassionate with every single person because, like the rest of us, they also have issues going on in their life.

But one of the greatest learnings that I have experienced from this truism in life is that most, if not all, issues can be resolved through a plan carried out by the right talent. This pertains to both business and your personal life. The plan is very simple: strategy and talent.


Strategy and talent in all walks of life

Here are some examples where this simple concept of “strategy and talent” can be seen in action:

  •   The Green Bay Packers (and every other NFL team) are striving to win the Super Bowl by having the right game plan with the right players on the field.
  •   A person resolves a health issue by having the right doctor execute the proper course of treatment.
  •   A job seeker lands the perfect career by having the right search plan to match his or her natural talents.
  •   A person mends a damaged relationship by using the right words through good communication skills.
  •   A student creates a path to their perfect career through a career plan that wraps their natural behavioral style around a passion in their life.
  •   A company leadership team completes an acquisition through a well thought-out plan executed with the right advisors.
  •   An entrepreneur turns an idea into a profitable business through a solid business plan and hiring the right talent.
  •   A family business passes the leadership and ownership of their business to the next generation through proper succession planning conducted by an expert in that field.
  •   A business achieves its 2019 goals by creating the right plan that is executed by the right talent.

Always have a plan

Are you seeing a pattern here?  Having the right plan with the right talent applies to virtually all areas of life, both business and personal.

In my 20 years of developing business, career and life plans, I have seen very few issues that can’t be resolved through a plan executed by the right talent. It is not always easy, but the key is to start today. Define your issue, outline the plan to address it and get the right people involved to make it happen.   

To create the plan, write down your goals you want to accomplish around this issue and the action plans needed to achieve those goals. Keep it simple by sticking to a one-page plan. Next, decide what talent you need to help you execute the plan. Will the plan be executed solely by you or do you need the talent of others to get it done?   

Summing it up

When putting a team of talent together to execute a plan, we recommend that you use behavioral science assessments, such as DISC. This will help you understand the talents and skills of those involved in carrying out the plan, including yourself. A great plan is meaningless without the right people to help execute that plan.  

What are your greatest issues and challenges? Do you have the right plan and talent in place to resolve them? Position yourself for the best year yet by getting to work on those greatest challenges that are holding you back. Remember, those who plan have less issues!


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