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How To Be Unique Using Your Mint Chocolate Chip Strategy


TTISICon Sneak Peek: Stop The Vanilla In Your Company and Life

“Wealth is not about having a lot of money. It’s about having a lot of options.” This quote by comedian Chris Rock this is a truth of life. Do you have a strategy to create the options you want in life?

Some options to attract in your life could include:

  • Spending more time with loved ones
  • Developing your interpersonal skills
  • Being in Phoenix, Arizona in January to enjoy warmer weather
  • Improving your business and your life at TTI Success Insights International Conference

Successful people have options. A successful business provides you options. During my TTISICon session, Stop the Vanilla in Your Company and Life, on January 13, 2017, I will share with you two strategies to help you create more options in your life.

  1. First, you must stop selling vanilla ice cream in your life. For an individual, success comes from wrapping your natural behavioral style and tastrategy_ice_creamlents around a passion in your life. We like to call it your Mint Chocolate Chip. When you are passionate about what you do and deliver it naturally you are going to excel at it and get rewarded for it. Without passion in your life, your natural style is not focused. When you don’t focus on your natural style and what makes you unique, your passion is not enjoyed.
  2. The second strategy to create more options in your life is to stop selling vanilla ice cream in your business. The Mint Chocolate Chip in your business is what your organization does better than anyone else in the markets you compete. It is why a customer chooses to do business with you vs. a competitor and pays you more for it. Success for your business comes by wrapping the right talent around your mint chocolate chip and strategy. Without a strategy, your talent is not focused. Without talent, your strategy is not executed.

The really cool part about this concept for entrepreneurs is that your mint chocolate chip in your life often becomes the mint chocolate chip for your business. In simple terms, what you become the best at as an individual becomes what your business becomes the best at as well. So if you are searching for how to differentiate your business, maybe you should first start by defining your mint chocolate chip for your life.

Remember, wealth is about having a lot of options. A successful business provides you options. Successful people have options.

Do you want more options in your life? Then it is time to Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream in your company and in your life. Stop the Vanilla!

I look forward to seeing you at TTISICon and my session, Stop the Vanilla In Your Company & Life, on Saturday, January 13, 2017, at 11:30am.

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