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How Your Uber or Lyft Ride Will Differ Depending on Your Driver’s Drivers

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As summer vacation season is in full swing, it got me to thinking about people traveling and how they get around. Whether you are in a new town or simply heading to the airport, there’s a good chance that Uber or Lyft will be used at some point during the vacation process. How might your Uber or Lyft experience differ, depending on your driver’s “drivers?”

A person’s drivers are those things that motivate a person into action. They are the impetus behind the things we do every single day. In a nutshell, drivers explain the why behind our actions or decisions. Depending on what dominant motivators your Uber or Lyft driver possesses, it may completely change the experience of your ride. If your driver’s lead motivator is...



The driver will be all about maximizing his or her investment of time, money and energy. This driver will want to pick up as many customers as possible during the workday and get them to their destinations as efficiently as possible. Doing so will maximize the return on the driver’s investment of time.


This particular driver will have a very set way of getting to the destination. They find comfort in traveling the same roads since they know what to expect, even at the expense arriving sooner. This person likes doing things a certain way and does not like to vary from the “tried and true.” 


The Receptive driver is all about trying new things and discovering new experiences. Opposite of the Structured driver, this particular Uber employee will seek out new roads and pathways previously unknown. They want to know as many different ways to a particular destination as possible, and are even willing to explore new ways, even if they get lost once in a while. 

If they happen to be both Receptive and Resourceful, they will celebrate when they find a new path that also ends up saving them time for a future ride. 


The Harmonious driver is always seeking balance in his or her surroundings. This person will always opt for beauty and balance over functionality. So, while it may be quicker to get on the interstate, this driver will prefer to take the scenic route because they, themselves, enjoy the experience and hope that the passengers will have a better experience because of the choice of routes.


The Intellectual driver will have researched maps long before ever starting his or her driving career and will know every possible way to get to various destinations. If this driver is the talkative type, he or she will probably have a lot of interesting facts and little known tidbits that he or she will be willing to share, acting as the resident tour guide along the way.


The Commanding driver will show up in a flashy, high profile car, eager to show off that vehicle. It will probably be freshly washed, with all the bells and whistles that announces the driver’s presence. The vehicle is a crowning jewel for this driver, and the more people that ride in this vehicle, the more he or she gets to show it off. What road they take or how long it takes to get there are secondary considerations to making sure the car gets noticed.



That simple trip to and from the airport can take on many different shapes and sizes depending on who is behind the wheel of your transportation. Next time you get in a car and take a ride, keep these different scenarios in mind and see if you can figure out exactly what is driving your driver.


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