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The Process of Partnership: Joining TTI SI On a Journey to Success


If you’re looking to accelerate your business and want to partner with an authority in the assessment industry, TTI Success Insights is ready to help transform your coaching or consulting practice. If you have a growth mindset, love finding the best solutions for your clients, and want to create a legacy of excellence in your business, you’d be a great fit for the TTI SI network.

Let’s walk through what that looks like. Here’s the TTI SI process, the steps from being a reseller to transforming into a master practitioner, and how this will affect you and your business.



What is the TTI SI Business Method?

products-Tools-That-Help-Your-PeopleTTI Success Insights solves businesses’ people problems by deploying tools and assessments. In particular, we test, develop and distribute assessments like DISC, 12 Driving Forces, EQ, and more to measure behavior, motivation, skills, emotional intelligence and others. These assessments provide crucial insights for employees, leaders, and hiring professionals, but how do the assessments get implemented in businesses? Who leads business professionals in understanding the results, implications and implementation of assessment results?

That’s where our network comes in. Our customers use TTI SI assessments as part of their overall content and offerings. At TTI SI, we operate on 3 Rs: Reveal, Release, and Realize. We reveal human potential through our assessments, but that potential is released through the expertise and coaching of our network of resellers. Then, that potential is realized in organizations and improves engagement, productivity, and overall understanding of others in teams.



What Exactly is a TTI SI Reseller?

consultant-business-review-2A reseller with TTI SI is so much more than a purchaser of our product; our resellers are true partners and professionals. We refer to our resellers as VAAs, or Value Added Associates, because our network truly brings value and unique insight for their customers.

You join as a reseller, or independent consultant and go on a journey to ultimately become a master practitioner. TTI SI has administered over 30 million assessments, and holds a direct presence in 58 countries around the world. The assessments are used by small businesses and growing teams, as well as organizations like NBC Universal, Verizon Wireless, Uber, Yelp, Wells Fargo, the US Army, and more.

When you join the TTI SI network, you create a partner in business — you get resources, tools, an accountability partner, inspiration, advisors, customized support from our Solutions Consultant team, and mastermind groups. Our tools give you the content needed to create relationships within organizations, and build out your own base of loyal customers.



How Do I Move From an Independent Consultant to a Master Practitioner?

JoinTheNetworkWebinarLP_TopImage-1Everyone wants to be a master in their field, but sometimes the steps to achieving that goal aren’t clear cut. Here’s what your journey will look like, borrowing the language and lens of Odyssey, a TTI SI exclusive 4-part consulting program.

The details of the journey from independent consultant to master practitioner looks different for everyone, but the steps are the same. The idea here is that you move from reacting with action to acting with intention. The Master Practitioner is unconsciously competent — they are tuned in to their process and their actions, and they are a true expert and source of knowledge and guidance for their clients.

TTI SI is here to help you reach that level. Our partnership, resources, support base and, of course, assessments will help create the foundation for success as we work together.



What’s My Next Step?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start your journey with TTI SI, we can’t wait. All of the information you need to get started, or even ask any pressing questions about the process of partnership is for you here.

TTI Success Insights is ready to become your trusted assessment provider and partner in success. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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