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Top 5 Articles of 2020


2020 has been a wild year for everyone, and it’s been no exception at TTI SI. We’ve been focused on supporting our network and creating content that is informative, helpful and interesting. Here are the top five blogs from 2020, from us to you.


Understanding Yourself with the New Behavioral Continuum

One of our most exciting offerings this year was the new Behavioral Continuum in the Engagement Report. This new horizontal graph eliminates the ‘high/low’ language around scoring in previous DISC assessments, and helps assessment-takers get a fuller understanding of the full spectrum of their behavior.


Stress Quotient: What You Need to Know

Stress was a hot topic this year, for obvious reasons, and TTI SI wanted to support our network and the public however we could. This article highlights the Stress Quotient assessment, running through the basics of when it was created, what it does and how to use it to your advantage.


DISC: What You Need to Know

We got back to the basics with this article; DISC is an incredibly popular assessment for a reason. This article breaks down the history of this assessment at TTI SI, what each factor measures, and how TTI SI’s assessment differs from other assessment providers.


The Engagement Report: What You Need to Know

The Engagement Report was another exciting innovation in 2020 from TTI SI. This assessment combines DISC and 12 Driving Forces with a sleek new design and our premier behavioral continuum to help teams master the process of reboarding. This article shares how this new assessment is different, and how you can get started using it.


How to Adapt During Crisis by DISC Behavior

Working under pressure is a crucial skill for the new world of work, and 2020 definitely brought the pressure for businesses and workers across the world. This is our most-read article in 2020, and it breaks down every primary behavioral style, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices for that behavioral style, in business and in their personal lives.

Thank You to Everyone Who Engaged With Our Content This Year!

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