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How to Understand and Manage a Team Driven by Intellectual


A Close Look at Who They Are and How It Plays Out in a Team

Editor's note: This post is part of a series on 12 Driving Forces™, an assessment revealing why people do what they do and what impacts their decision-making. Throughout the series, we will examine how different drivers play out in the workplace.

Individuals with a high intellectual driving force are people driven by opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and discover truth. 

They tend to be generalists and have a positive drive toward education. With their passions in discovery and inquiry, high intellectuals value ideas that can be rationally explained. These individuals believe that even the unknown can be discovered by applying cognitive abilities. 

Where you might find them
: Accountants, intellectual property lawyers, engineers, scientists, researchers, investigators. 

What they love to do: To utilize cognitive ability to understand, discover and systemize the truth, understanding all aspects of problems. 

How to talk to them: Hit them hard with statistics and evidence to show you’ve done your homework. Remember to focus on the rational, objective fact and experience instead of subjective concepts. You can also impress them by revealing information they weren’t previously aware of. 

Ideal environment: A career with room for intellectual growth, especially offering lifelong learning and continuous improvement opportunities. Activities like seminars and professional development opportunities will attract them. An environment with managers who appreciate their abilities to research and discover will also deepen their commitment to their work. 

Keys to motivate: Give them the opportunity to learn and to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Arm them with enough information and let them understand all aspects of a problem before asking them to make decisions. 

Take TTI SI’s research and development team, for example. Intellectual is their top driver among all 12 Driving Forces™.

As a team, they are all intrigued by the science of the brain and have a passion of analyzing problems and acquiring knowledge. They enjoy pursuing new ideas, especially in the field of neurology and human behavior.

By working in our fully equipped Center for Applied Cognitive Research, this high intellectual team is able to continue research, and validate assessments with brain activity. To maintain the highest standards of our research integrity, their daily work relies heavily on structured equation modeling, sampling and rigorous data analysis, test, retest and pilot studies.

It’s thrilling news to our researchers and data scientists that we secured our fourth U.S. patent, showcasing that self-reporting from assessments is consistent with their brain's response, as measured by electroencephalography (EEG).

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