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5 Things I’ve Learned From Job Benchmarking

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While I’ve heard of other assessment companies who promote “benchmarks” for jobs, I’ve yet to find a company besides TTI Success Insights whose innovative job benchmarking process results in a customized benchmark unique to a specific position in a specific company (If you’d like to learn more about TTI Success Insights’ job benchmarking process, check out “If the Job Could Talk, What Would it Say?”). Having led and participated in hundreds of job benchmarks, here are some of the things I’ve learned about TTI Success Insights’ job benchmarking process:

  1. Because our job benchmarking process is client driven, the client is the one who decides why the position exists by examining key accountabilities (big picture results) as opposed to tasks.

  2. It’s important to have a diverse panel of subject matter experts, or SMEs, that can have a healthy discussion about the position, but be willing to come to a consensus.

  3. The job benchmarking process is a great way to examine culture change or create a position that has never existed before because the focus is first on why the position exists.

  4. Sometimes you realize you all have a different type of employee in mind. I once conducted a job benchmark in which we were identifying key accountabilities for a project manager position and the client realized that no one was thinking of a project manager in the same way, so it was no wonder that some project managers were debated as being more successful than others.

  5. TTI Success Insights’ job benchmarks yield profitable results. Our case studies indicate increased productivity, engagement and overall profitability when job benchmarks are conducted in organizations of all sizes, markets and industries.

Visit our “Case Studies” page to read just a few of our job benchmarking success stories. To contact a certified consultant who can implement job benchmarks in your company, or to join our network of Value Added Associates, call us at (800) 869-6908 or (480) 443-1077.


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