How to Find the Right Business Consultant

If you want to develop people, teams, and your organization, you need the right partner. Here's how to find the right business consultant.

Unexpected Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset can be done in unexpected ways. Get outside of your comfort zone with these new ideas.

Common Situations That Can Skew Assessment Results

Common situations like toxic work environments, major life events, and trying to fit the job benchmark can skew the accuracy of assessment results.

4 Guidelines for Assessments for Employees

Every organization can benefit from using assessments, but many people don’t know what that process looks like. In today’s blog, we break down four guidelines when using assessments for employees. Send this blog to your prospects and use it as an ice breaker when doing customer outreach!

What Consultants Need to Work with Corporate Clients

As a consultant, you know what your niche industry is. Your ideal client is well defined and within your grasp. But what if you want to go after a bigger, corporate client? Expanding your own skills to do so is a smart idea for the enterprising individual. Here are the areas consultants need to master before attempting to land corporate clients.

How to Step Up Your Consulting In the New Normal

To ensure your business survives our current crisis and all future crises, you need to step up your leadership, your offerings, and your quality of work.

How to Hold an Effective Virtual Training Session

Virtual training won’t always be our only option, but its popularity is only rising. By adding these skills to your toolbelt, you’ll be improving your knowledge as a trainer overall. I hope these tips can help you conquer any fears about virtual training and move forward with confidence.

Odyssey Rundown: 3 Ways Training Will Transform Your Consulting Business

You might be struggling to find out how exactly to consult for the new normal, but you can and will thrive right now with the proper training. Now more than ever, businesses need someone to take on the wise advisor role, to guide organizations and teams of all sizes through the current crisis.

Develop Leaders in the Workplace

Developing leaders is a crucial benefit of assessments. Are you sharing with your clients about how exactly TTI’s sciences can help them develop leaders and retain talent in their organizations?