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Your Assessment Provided Life-Changing Information. Now What?


It’s Not Enough to be Self-Aware; You Must Apply it, Too

Assessments have the power to be life changing — just ask any of the millions of individuals who have taken a TTI SI assessment over the last 30 years.

As eye opening as an assessment may be, it’s what you do with that new information that makes it life changing. Many struggle with next steps after they receive their results and end up storing it away in a filing cabinet, never to see the light of day again.

Don’t do this and miss out on a golden opportunity to grow.

Instead, follow these three action items after you receive new insights into why you behave the way you do, what drives you and your unique set of skills:


  • Hold Yourself Accountable. Find a way to keep your assessment results top of mind and commit to using the information for personal growth. Doing something with the new information is better than doing nothing.
  • Reevaluate Relationships. One of the reasons self-awareness is so powerful is because it provides context to relationships, past and present. Understanding yourself better, how you communicate and what’s important to you can help you see the root causes of conflicts of the past. You may even be able to conclude that, “I’m OK and they’re OK,” after you achieve self-awareness.
  • Reflect. The great thing about self-awareness is not only will it change how you think about work, but it will also permeate through all aspects of your life. Reflect on what you learned and apply it to the context of your life. How can you communicate better? How can you strengthen relationships to get what you want out of your career and life? Use your assessment results to energize you and put into action what you learned.


How will your life truly change when you apply your newfound self-awareness to all aspects of your life? You should experience more work satisfaction, deeper and more meaningful relationships, and all around increased happiness.

P.S. Want to get started on your journey to self-awareness? Take a free TTI SI assessment here.


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Bill J Bonnstetter

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