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Discovering The Power of Self -Awareness

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ALL of Our Actions, Good or Bad, Have Consequences

Growing up, you were probably told numerous times to think before you act and that all of your actions, either good or bad, have consequences.

Truthfully, we can’t take control of our lives unless we see ourselves as being responsible for the outcomes we are experiencing.

It’s then through greater self-awareness gleaned through past experiences that we become more perceptive and learn to take greater stock into our decision-making.

In “The Triple Focus,” renowned emotional intelligence (EQ) author and expert Daniel Goleman explains this sense of self-awareness is due to in part to the concept of neuroplasticity, an anatomical form of progress.

Neuroplasticity explains how our brain continually grows and shapes itself through repeated experiences throughout life, particularly in childhood.

It’s no wonder the brain is the last organ in the body to become anatomically mature, as it doesn’t take its final shape until our mid-20s; some may jest it takes longer to develop in others!

Indeed, self-awareness allows us — or sometimes forces us — to make better decisions. Because, on our own, sometimes we’re incapable of change until the results directly impact our lives and of those we care about.

Years ago, I accumulated two speeding tickets within a short period of time. Had I received another speeding ticket within a 12-month window, my license would’ve been suspended and I wouldn’t have been able to get behind the wheel.

So, what do you think I did for the next several months?

As a result of greater self-awareness, I drove the posted speed limit, aware that breaking the law would result in my banishment from the open road.

Of course, I also knew the exact day this probationary period ended and was able to go back to speeding the very next day. Now, how’s that for self-awareness?

It’s important to understand the consequences of our actions. Many of the consequences we experience throughout life are predictable. However, there may be some we don’t anticipate, which are all part of our unending education.

The more we learn and know about ourselves, the better we are at adapting to life’s challenges.

Self-awareness also has implications on each of TTI SI’s assessments and a greater understanding in what we refer to as The Science of Self™.

Each of us can’t modify our behavior until we truly understand what goes into our actions.

Likewise, we can’t understand the filters being applied to our decision-making until we understand our motivators, or the reasons behind our actions.

Indeed, self-awareness leads to a better understanding of “why did I do that.”

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Bill J Bonnstetter