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R3: The Meaning Behind the 3 Rs


Since 1990, TTI Success Insights has hosted an annual conference focused around our valuable network of consultants, coaches, and other talent management industry professionals. Over the last few years, our conference has taken many shapes and forms, with its agenda flexible and adaptable to our network’s needs. Sometimes, we’ve invited the public to take a peek behind the curtain, and even encouraged our customers to bring along their clients.

What it has always been is a place for professionals with similar interests to come together, build upon, and learn from each other. TTI SI provides specialized content designed for their specific challenges and our network comes together to both support and learn from each other.

So what exactly is R3? TTI Success Insights President Rick Bowers found passion behind the mantra of ‘Reveal, Release, Realize.’ This passion rebranded and revolutionized the way TTI SI thought about its conference and has allowed for exploration and creativity at both a business level and for our network.

Now, in preparation for R3 2022 we’re taking the same message to another level with three new Rs. Here’s what it means to Re-Connect, Re-Energize, and Re-Engage.





Operating a business is both rewarding and challenging. As an entrepreneur, your team is a key part in excelling and growing. The world has been through a lot and part of that has meant a significant decrease in in-person connection. TTI SI’s leadership heard this from our network of professionals and decided to take action.

To Re-Connect at R3 means that our close knit group will finally get together again, after two years without an in-person conference. One of the main ways TTI SI will facilitate this reconnection of colleagues is with a focus on social interaction and networking. VAAs will collaborate and find new ways to reveal human potential together.





Working from home, virtual staff meetings, virtual client meetings, and hybrid schedules — it’s becoming the norm for organizations to have made these shifts in the new world of work. It’s key to respect everyone’s work style — but that doesn’t mean energy has to be low.

Re-Energizing at R3 will be a platform to release our network's potential through conversations about what has worked for them and their clients (and what has not). Re-Energizing at R3 will give VAAs a place to receive fresh takes on how to inspire renewed energy for their clients and how to adapt their businesses to evolving workplace needs.





The VAA network is full of individuals that help others realize their best selves. Their expertise is what influences clients to create an environment that can help Re-Engage their teams in a meaningful way. This conference is the VAAs exclusive event to help our network realize their own potential for success amongst their peers.

To Re-Engage at R3 is an opportunity to discover new ways VAAs can bring TTI SI products, tools and techniques back to their teams and share it with their clients. Attendees will experience interactive sessions hosted by experts that are focused on both the needs of the TTI SI network and our sciences. Fresh knowledge and new perspectives will allow for Re-Engagement on personal and professional levels through new connections and partnerships.



Be a Part of It All


R3 2022 is an exclusive conference for professionals that are a part of the TTI Success Insights VAA network. It was built for them, through feedback and years of events in which the best parts stayed and the areas for improvement got better. Join us to contribute to the conference and help shape what R3 means going forward.

If you’re a VAA looking to join in on the fun of R3 2022, click here to lock in your ticket. Are you a professional coach, consultant, or in the talent and acquisition industry? We’d love to hear from you — click here to get some more information on who we are and how we could partner to create some magic of our own!


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