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3 Ways to Prioritize Re-Engagement


Re-engagement in the workplace is a priority for smart organizations across the globe; people are working, learning, and engaging in their work in different ways and have different needs. To stay mobile in the changing workplace, your company needs a re-engagement plan.

Here are three ways your company can prioritize re-engagement in the workplace.



Ask Your Team What They Need


If you’re trying to make sure your teams are comfortable in the workplace, you need to communicate with them first and foremost! Don’t put a ton of effort into a re-engagement and re-boarding strategy just to have it flop— ask your people what they need and provide.

Don’t make assumptions about your employees’ needs and wants. You can figure out exactly what they need by simply asking them. Surveys for your entire team can give you a measurement of where exactly to start.

If you want to dive deeper, utilize assessments that reveal and release the potential of your employees by highlighting their motivations and sharing their similarities and differences as a group. Assessments give you real data to back up development and re-engagement in the workplace.



Re-Establish Company Culture and Values


Now more than ever, people want to work for companies that align with their values.

Company culture is crucial to ensuring engagement and re-engagement are achieved at the highest level possible. If you don’t know who your company really is or how you can live out your values, you can’t expect your employees to fully dedicate themselves to their work and your mission.

So, re-establish your vision! Now is the perfect time to figure out what is and isn’t working about your company culture. Not having all the answers is ok, but you need an established path forward. Taking steps in the right direction can garner the goodwill from your employees needed for engagement, but transparency is just as important. Make sure you’re actually acting on the steps you start to take to improve your company culture.

A great way to recommit to your values and promote re-engagement in the workplace is to back each one up with tangible action. If you want to focus on employee wellness, consider giving your team a week off like Nike recently did to destress.



Offer Growth Opportunities


The last way you can ensure that you’re focusing on employee re-engagement is to make sure your team has room to grow in their positions.

A recent poll showed that a staggering 95% of workers were considering quitting their jobs. The top reason was burnout and the second reason was a lack of growth opportunities. Make sure your company is attracting talent looking for something new instead of losing your team members!

Conferences, virtual training, and leadership development workshops are all ways to provide growth opportunities. An additional benefit is that developing your employees in this way creates leaders on your team and the ability to develop your talent pipeline.

Give your people a reason to stay! By investing in your employees’ development, you’re investing in the overall success and strength of your team.



Get Ready to Re-Engage

Re-engagement in the workplace isn’t easy, but it is worth it. By asking your team to describe their needs, revitalizing company culture and values, and offering room to grow, you’ll retain and engage talented workers to meet and surpass your organization’s goals.

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