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360 and OD Surveys: What You Need to Know


What Is A 360 Survey? 

A 360 survey is an organizational survey that allows teams to give anonymous feedback to their leaders as a team or their team leader as an individual. 

The subject of the report is rated in areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, and technical skills. The subject also rates themselves in these areas. Those responses are then assembled into graphs that illustrate the teams’ scoring of their employers and compiled in a report. 

What is an OD Survey?

OD stands for organization development. An OD survey is very similar and follows the concept, but respondents are rating their entire organization instead of rating an individual. An OD survey is similar to an employee satisfaction survey or eNPS.


How Do 360 Surveys Help Organizations? 

For Individuals 

360 Surveys are helpful for employees because they allow anonymous, honest feedback about their leaders. Respondents are categorized into demographic rater groups, which means their responses are listed as direct reports or peers to the subject of the survey. 

Just experiencing the process of taking the assessment begins to build transparency and increase trust in the workplace.

For leaders, 360 surveys are a unique experience that will teach them a lot if they are open to hearing feedback! The higher an executive gets in their organization, the harder it will be for them to get authentic, actionable evaluations. These surveys make that possible. 

By reviewing both their top-ranked strengths and their areas for improvement, leaders can better understand how their decisions are affecting morale and influencing their employees’ experiences. 

For coaches and consultants, these surveys illuminate opportunities for development and skill-building specific to their clients. 360 surveys help with improving self-awareness,uncovering blind spots, getting a balanced view from others' perspectives, and identifying strengths and skill development. 


These surveys are fully customizable; coaches and consultants can choose questions and tailor the survey to their client’s exact needs. These surveys open the door for a productive journey of development. 

How Are The Results Reported? 

The results of these surveys can be viewed in several ways: by mean score, favorability, frequency distribution, and written comments. They can also be formatted in different displays like bar graphs, and numbers. They can be color-coded and open comments can be pulled separately from the report. 


“360s are very impactful tools for anyone in leadership. They help look at performance while making sure leaders are headed in the right direction with the way they work and interact with the people inside their organization,” said Ann Boslin, Partner Support Manager. 

Moving Forward With 360 And OD Surveys

360 and OD surveys are incredibly valuable tools for workers, leaders, coaches, and consultants. Tailor them to your specific needs, harness practical, honest feedback, and then use them to kickstart an organization-changing development plan. 


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