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Experiencing Road Rage? You May Be Overly Stressed

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Study: Aggressive Driving Incidents Have Increased 7% Annually Since 1990

Do you curse at other drivers because they cut into your lane or go too slow while you are running late? Have you ever blocked a car that was trying to pass you?

If so, you’re not alone. But this is a dangerous tendency. 

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, an average of at least 1,500 people are injured or killed annually in road rage incidents. In addition, aggressive driving incidents have increased by 7 percent every year since 1990. 

Studies show road rage could be an indicator that you’re stressed. If you are prone to anger, then stress will heighten it. Road rage is a classic example of this — and one of the many ways that extreme stress can manifest in each of us.

Here is what you can do if your stress is overflowing into your driving behavior.

First, understand the source of your stress. It’s very important to recognize what is causing your angry behavior, especially if that behavior isn’t typical. Are you stressed, not at the driver in front of you, but rather the reaction your boss will have if you’re late?

Second, figure out a plan to address your stress with better coping mechanisms. If your road rage is a result of being stressed about going into the office, it’s time to find healthy, stress-relieving strategies or make a change. This change could be recognizing the true problem and presenting solutions to your boss, finding a way better outlet for a stressful day, or looking for a new job entirely.

Road rage is only one example of how a stressful job can create bad habits. Be aware of how work problems may escalate to other areas of your life, resulting in extreme, atypical behavior. Once you do this, you’ll be able to better pinpoint the true issue and work toward a resolution.

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