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Getting the Most Out of Your Assessment Results



So, you’ve taken a TTI assessment … now what?

Whether you’re working with a coach or consultant or your employer is issuing an assessment, debriefing the results is the recommended next step. If you are wondering what a debrief is and how it can help you, read on.

Here is a quick guide breaking down the details of an assessment debrief.

What is an Assessment Debrief?

During an assessment debrief, you’ll get an in-depth overview of your report and results. This session allows you to understand your assessment results at a deeper level by examining what each science measures and how it applies to your everyday life.

A debrief offers the opportunity to ask questions about different aspects of the report—anything you’re uncertain of or want to understand more completely. These reports are highly individualized, but at TTI we believe you know yourself best. Often, coaches will ask what information resonated the most or what details surprised you to ensure the assessment was taken correctly, and encourage you to underline, cross out, and tweak the wording of certain parts of the assessment so that it feels truest to you.

“Think of an assessment as a suit, and the debrief as tailoring the suit,” Partner Support Advisor Shaunna Aldofini said. “When you have a suit tailored, that is when the suit looks its best and gives you the most value because it ‘fits.’ When you receive an assessment and read through it, you may agree with everything, disagree with some portions, or maybe even disagree with most of it. A debrief allows you to really understand the parts you agree with and have the opportunity to understand the parts you do not agree with.”

Depending on the assessment, a debrief can take around 30 minutes to an hour and aim to help you understand your report, clear any doubts, and make an action plan based on the results.

How Do You Get a Debrief?

You will find the most value in working with a specialist—someone who is certified to decode and explain the assessment. Debriefs can be done virtually or in person. Many of our partners offer debriefing services as part of their assessment packages and have completed training in one or more of the assessment sciences. If you need help finding a coach or consultant to work with, you can contact us at TTI.

What are the Benefits of a Debrief? 

A debrief offers several benefits for those who have taken any of TTI’s assessments. 

Increased self-awareness. Understanding your assessment results can provide insights into your strengths, limitations, and areas for development, allowing you to see a clearer path to growth.

Improved communication skills. Learning about your communication style and preferences can enhance your interactions with others and help build trust.

Personal and professional growth. Debrief sessions often include strategies for leveraging strengths and addressing areas for improvement, empowering you to grow and develop.

A better understanding of others. Not only will you understand yourself better after your debrief session, but you’ll also begin to recognize the behavioral traits and communication styles of others, allowing you to build better relationships and work more collaboratively.

“A debrief helps you recognize your natural tendencies or behavioral style, and can also help you understand why you do what you do and how you do what you do,” Aldofini said. “Understanding yourself more through a personal debrief may help you build better communication and trust, enhance personal and professional development, and unlock your true human potential.”

What Kind of Assessments Can Be Debriefed? 

All of TTI’s assessments can be debriefed, and you can even combine multiple reports into a Talent Insights® or TriMetrix® EQ debrief. Discussing your goals and reasoning for the debrief with your coach or a TTI team member will help you determine the best debrief to seek out.

Are You Ready for Your Assessment Debrief?

Assessment debriefs are invaluable tools for self-discovery, growth, and development. By understanding your assessment results through a debrief, you unlock a wealth of information, not only about yourself but also about others. Contact us to connect with a TTI-certified coach/consultant to discuss taking an assessment and experiencing a personal debrief. 


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