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12 Reasons to Harness the Power of The 12 Driving Forces Assessment


The 12 Driving Forces assessment is a popular assessment for a reason!

12 Driving Forces is an assessment that measures why a person does what they do. It measures the motivation (and strength) behind behaviors, using 6 different motivators.

These 6 motivators are each divided into two distinct sides, measuring each factor. Based on a continuum, these 12 drivers make up a person’s cluster of Driving Forces.

Now that you now what it is, here are 12 reasons why you should harness the power of The 12 Driving Forces assessment today.


1. Get Immediate Insight

Asking someone the question “What really motivates you?” is almost a cliche at this point. In a corporate environment, you might even be expected to have an answer pre-loaded in your brain when someone asks you this.

The 12 Driving Forces eliminates the need to find an ‘acceptable’ answer and it lays out the truth. Each of the 12 drivers is treated with the respect and consideration they deserve; there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to motivation. Each individual can find the next steps to take and ways to understand themself in this assessment, no matter their passion.


2. It’s Easy To Use

The 12 Driving Forces assessment is comprehensive while remaining easy to understand. You can engage with your drivers on whatever level serves your need!

The assessment runs through general characteristics, your strengths and weaknesses, energizers and stressors, clusters (more on those soon), areas for awareness, and then the Driving Forces Graph, Wheel, and Descriptors Wheel.

You can dig into the details or take quick takeaways; this assessment is built to be engaging on any level!


3. Stack Awareness With Other Assessments

If you want to dig into even more insight, The 12 Driving Forces is available as part of Talent Insights and TriMetrix® assessments.

Talent Insights reveals both the ‘how’ (DISC) and ‘why’ (12 Driving Forces) of an individual in one report.

TriMetrix EQ combines three sciences: Behaviors, Drivers, and Emotional Quotient. This combination of assessments gives you insight into the emotional triggers of behavior, which then informs emotional intelligence.

TriMetrix HD combines four sciences: Behaviors, Drivers, Competencies, and the Acumen Capacity Index. With the combination of these four sciences, TriMetrix HD uncovers critical data points that will give an individual the opportunity to leverage and maximize their potential.

Revealing motivation is an excellent addition to any combination of assessments and sciences.


4. Increase Engagement in Your Team

12 Driving Forces is an assessment that’s built to reveal passion. Drivers are often ignored in the workplace, but this is a waste! It means team members aren’t being developed to their full potential.

If you can match employees well to their roles and help them achieve their Driving Forces through their work, their engagement, job satisfaction, and quality of work will all get a boost.


5. Improve Job Retention

A recent study shows that only 20% of surveyed American workers are genuinely passionate about their work, and CNBC reports that 86% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a company whose values align with their own.

The world of work is tipped in the worker’s favor right now; if you want to retain top talent, you need to understand what gets them up in the morning and then make sure their work delivers on that passion. The 12 Driving Forces are key to unlocking that insight.


6. Balance Your Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the process of creating the profile of the ideal candidate for a position and then measuring all candidates against that profile. It can be used during hiring and professional development.

Getting insight into the motivation of candidates is an extremely important benefit during this process. The 12 Driving Forces break down exactly what people are passionate about, and that can be measured against the responsibilities of the role to determine fit.


7. Make Mentoring Matter

Entering a mentor relationship is beneficial for both mentors and mentees. By harnessing the power of motivation, more experienced professionals can help develop and guide their mentees through difficult situations and help them achieve their full potential in their careers.

An especially effective strategy is to match people with entirely different motivations in a mentoring relationship. By having a different point of view from your own, you can see situations from a new and valuable perspective.


8. Understand Your Primary, Situational, and Indifferent Drivers

The 12 Driving Forces assessment doesn’t just reveal your top drivers; it also reveals your situational drivers and the motivations you are personally indifferent to. This is great because it can reveal miscommunications when you’re working with someone different from yourself. If you’re struggling to understand someone else’s point of view, look and see if one of their primary drivers is one of your indifferent ones.

It’s also worth noting that The 12 Driving Forces also maps your drivers onto the national mean of the assessment. Seeing how you compare to the average population will help you better understand yourself and embrace what makes you ‘you’!


9. Kickstart Self-Understanding

The 12 Driving Forces is as useful and actionable in personal development as in professional development.

“One of my favorite things about The 12 Driving Forces is it really helped me accept myself,” says Jessica Boyle, Director of Marketing at TTI SI. “I already knew that I was a little bit weird but seeing what motivates me so clearly helped me understand myself and the way I like to work. Everyone is weird in their own way, and this assessment helps me see the good in that in others and myself!”


10. Make Moves Networking

When it comes to understanding others, The 12 Driving Forces can be the lens through which you relate to others. While motivation is harder to observe, it will become easier and easier to pick up on the passions of others. When you can do that, you can frame your needs and personal mission through their drivers, opening up possibilities for collaboration and trust.


11. Understand Energizers and Stressors

This assessment has an entire page dedicated to personalized insight on potential energizers and potential stressors. It also reveals that an overextended energizer can become a stressor.

This section clearly lays out what will give you a boost through your work and what will drag you down. You can use these insights to better communicate with team members, direct reports, or your superiors; by viewing interactions through this lens, you can be more mindful of protecting your energy.


12. Keep Track of Changes Over Time

The 12 Driving Forces is a great assessment to retake on a schedule. While assessments shouldn’t be taken too frequently, tracking your changes in motivation and passion over time is incredibly important for success in your career. It’s recommended to retake assessments no sooner than 18 to 24 months, or after a significant life event.

Once you’ve taken this assessment multiple times, look at your results and assess. How did your drivers change? Did they change in the first place? How did your indifferent drivers change? Being able to track and clearly understand exactly what drives you will help you make better decisions about the future of your work. Is your current role still a good fit? Do you need a different type of work to feel fulfilled?


What’s Your Next Step with The 12 Driving Forces?

When it comes to using assessments, you have options. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of The 12 Driving Forces in your organization, with your team, or for personal development, Contact us here.

If you’re a consultant looking for tools like TTI SI assessments in your practice, get the information you need about joining the network here.

The 12 Driving Forces is your key to productivity and passion!


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