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How to Embrace Networking in a New Way



Networking is an important part of career success. Most people can recall a time when a relationship or connection helped propel them forward in business. Yet networking can also fall to the wayside if you don't take time to put in the effort. One in four people don’t network at all, despite the fact 85 percent of job vacancies are filled via networking, according to Forbes. 

When it comes to networking, it doesn’t have to be only Chamber luncheons and after-hours events. Try something different and embrace these unexpected networking opportunities. You might be surprised at the connections you can make while exploring new activities and collaborations. 

Organize a Skill-sharing Workshop

Learning from others is a great way to strengthen bonds and skills at the same time. Hosting a skill-sharing workshop can be the perfect intersection of networking and development. Whether the focus is on coding, graphic design, or public speaking, facilitating knowledge exchange fosters networking, cultivates relationships, and strengthens your professional community.

These workshops will give you a chance to give back to your peers, connect with new potential community members, and show off your skills! Host the first one based on your skills to model how you’d like the workshops to be run, then open up the opportunity to others.

Create Content and Make Connections

Another great way to make connections in your industry is to create high-value content for others to enjoy and utilize. If you position yourself as a valuable resource, other people will approach you, building your network while bolstering your reputation at the same time. 

Do some research and choose to create on a platform that engages and inspires you! You can write a weekly blog, develop an industry-focused podcast, create informative TikToks, or explore longer-form content through YouTube videos. 

Whether you prefer to share in-depth insights, practical tips, or engaging stories, the key is to deliver content that resonates with your target audience and demonstrates your expertise in your field. 

Try focusing on industry trends, career advice, or personal development. This will allow you to invite guests for interviews or collaborations, provide networking opportunities, and enhance your visibility within your professional community.

Host a Book Club

The benefits of reading are well-documented; regular readers tend to experience less stress, longer lifetimes, reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and better quality of sleep. 

Utilize these benefits and develop your network at the same time by starting a book club! Focusing on business-related literature or industry-specific topics will provide a casual yet structured setting for networking. 

By discussing relevant books and sharing insights with peers, you can forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and gain valuable perspectives from other professionals.

Attend a Business Speed Dating Event

Participate in a business speed dating event where professionals engage in rapid-fire networking sessions with multiple individuals. The structured format allows participants to make quick connections, exchange contact information, and explore potential collaborations or partnerships in quick time. 

TTI Success Insights has found this kind of networking incredibly valuable for our network. We’re holding an event at Forty Forward called Table Talks, designed to help our partners to meet others, network, and build community at a rapid pace. 

“This kind of event is a great, efficient way to get targeted information specific to their business goals,” said Cindy Rosser, Partner Growth Manager at TTI. “It gives them maximum return on their time, and many of our partners have had a lot of success interacting in this way.”

Volunteer as a Mentor

One of the best ways to be exposed to new experiences and perspectives is to volunteer as a mentor. You not only get to give back to your community and industry by sharing your valuable professional skill set with less experienced mentees, you’ll get to build your network at the same time. 

This approach does several things at once: it introduces you to new people, it gives back to your community, and it lends you a fresh perspective. By becoming a business mentor for a young professional, you can help them build their network and expand their influence while doing the same thing. 

If you go through an official group that matches mentors to mentees, you’ll be introduced to other high-caliber professionals. The group of mentors can become their own internal network, helping each other problem-solve, reviewing the needs of their mentees, and socializing together. 

This opportunity also helps connect you with mentors and experts in your field and outside of it who you might not have had access to otherwise. In the service of the same goal—guiding professionals in need—you can connect more deeply.

Join a Mastermind Group 

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer advisory board or support network composed of individuals who come together to share insights, expertise, and experiences in a collaborative and structured setting. Joining a mastermind group provides a confidential space for business professionals to share challenges, offer advice, and hold each other accountable for meeting goals. Engaging in structured discussions and brainstorming sessions fosters deep connections and mutual support among group members.

Not only can a mastermind group help build out your network, but it can also provide diverse perspectives with participants of different backgrounds and industries. A diverse network is a strong network, providing much-needed points of view and opportunities for creative problem-solving. 

Embrace New Methods to Elevate Your Networking

Networking is essential, but it doesn’t need to be stressful or boring! Try out a different type of networking opportunity to expand your circle of peers and develop your professional influence. Sharing skills, creating content, hosting a book club, becoming a mentor, or attending a Mastermind group will all help you network in an engaging, valuable way. 

If you’re interested in expanding your networking with TTI, make sure to secure your seat at Forty Forward! You’ll have an opportunity to interact with your fellow partners, attend sessions specifically built toward expanding your network, and connect in new, transformative ways. 

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