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Is DISC Accurate? What You Need to Know


DISC is one of the most popular assessments in the professional world. The insight this assessment reveals through scoring in four factors helps individuals understand themselves better and discover opportunities to become more engaged, more productive, and happier in their workplaces. However, you might still be wondering, "Is DISC accurate?"

Let’s walk through some basic answers about the assessment and what it can do for you (make sure to check the end of the article for your next step!).



What is the DISC Assessment?

The DISC assessment measures an individual’s Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.


We’ve shared before that “Put simply: the DISC assessment measures how a person does what they do. It creates a language around observable behavior.” Check out our article thoroughly breaking down the DISC assessment to learn more.



What is the DISC Assessment Used For?

DISC can be used by all kinds of people in different ways. In the business world, it’s commonly used for….


Professional Development

DISC points out both strengths and areas of opportunity. When utilized as a part of a development plan, this assessment helps people see where they are in their day-to-day behavior, and how they can work to adapt behaviors that get in their way.


“Benchmarking is the process of creating the profile of the ideal candidate for a position, and then measuring all candidates against that profile,” we’ve explained. Many people first come across DISC when they’re in the interview process.

Team Building

DISC can be used individually, but it’s also a powerful tool for teams. “As a trainer, career coach, and working with non-profit leadership teams, I have seen first hand the power of understanding DISC,” said Cassandra Nelson, Solutions Consultant at TTI SI and trainer. “When an individual and the team understand their own behavioral style, they become more effective in their outcomes.”



Is the DISC Assessment Accurate?

DISC-assessment-resultsSo, now you know a little bit about the DISC assessment and what it can do. Just how effective is it?
The answer depends on person to person, but in our experience, the DISC assessment is frequently described as shockingly accurate. One of the most frequent pieces of feedback our network receives is “I feel like these results read my mind!”

“When I’m debriefing someone, or explaining their results to them, I ask how accurate they feel those results are. A best practice when coaching is to aim for 80% self-assessed accuracy or higher,” Nelson told me. “It rarely happens that someone scores themselves below 90.”



Can I Fail a DISC Assessment?

woman-reading-DISC-report-TTI-Success-Insights-1Many people experience anxiety when taking aptitude tests, especially in the interview process. The good news is that DISC is not a test, it’s an assessment.

That differentiation may seem slight, but it’s crucial for the mindset of DISC. It simply reveals the behavior you have, in natural and adapted settings. You can’t fail in the way you act in your day-to-day. This is also why it’s impossible to cheat DISC.



DISC Goes the Extra Mile

The popularity of DISC is earned through its insights and accuracy. Don’t just take our word for it; find out for yourself! Take the Working From Home Report for free to experience DISC first-hand.

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