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The Engagement Report: What You Need to Know


The new world of work needs new tools. The team at TTI SI has been working hard throughout the current crisis to offer innovative, adaptive solutions to our network.

What Is The Engagement Report?

In early 2020, we released the Working from Home Report, which helped organizations and hybrid teams adapt to their set of challenges.

The Talent Insights Engagement Report is the latest offering from TTI SI that is your guidebook for managing the reboarding process. This assessment combines DISC and 12 Driving Forces to reveal the how and why of human behavior. With updated statements, a sleek new design, and TTI SI’s premier behavioral continuum, the Engagement Report is your tool for engaging, reboarding, and optimizing your organization.


Now, with many teams returning to their physical workplace, either part-time or through hybrid teams, they begin the reboarding process. “Reboarding” is the process of entering and re-engaging in the workplace, and the Talent Insights Engagement Report is your fast-track to success.

What Makes This Assessment Different?

This 8-page assessment has several differentiators to get excited about.

Updated Statements

Every statement in the report has been refined and updated to be accurate, effective, and easy to understand.

New Words for Each Behavior in DISC

In the past, many people have adopted the language of ‘high’ and ‘low’ to describe each factor of DISC. When finding an individual’s primary style, many skip to the high bar in the DISC graph and assume that’s the result. This isn’t always the case, since a low score in a factor can actually be the primary style.


The Engagement Report Gives You New Descriptors to Increase Understanding

Direct Communicator DISC Icon

Direct Communicators

(Formerly Known as High Ds)

Are ambitious, forceful, decisive, strong-willed, independent and goal-oriented when dealing with problems and challenges.

Reflective Communicator DISC Icon

Reflective Communicators

(Formerly Known as Low Ds)

Are cooperative, low-key, modest and mild when dealing with problems and challenges.

Outgoing Communicator DISC Icon

Outgoing Communicators

(Formerly Known as High Is)

Are magnetic, enthusiastic, friendly, demonstrative and conversational when it comes to people and contacts.

Reserved Communicator DISC Icon

Reserved Communicators

(Formerly Known as Low Is)

Are restrained, controlled, non-animated and reflective when it comes to people and contacts.

Predictable Communicator DISC Icon

Steady Communicators

(Formerly Known as High Ss)

Are patient, reliable, predictable and relaxed when it comes to pace and consistency.

Dynamic Communicator DISC Icon

Dynamic Communicators

(Formerly Known as Low Ss)

Are active, flexible, eager and fast-moving when it comes to pace and consistency.

Compliant Communicator DISC Icon

Precise Communicators

(Formerly Known as High Cs)

Are dependent, neat, careful, and compliant when it comes to procedures and compliance.

Pioneering Communicator DISC Icon

Pioneering Communicators

(Formerly Known as Low Cs)

Are uninhibited, open-minded, independent, unconventional and intuitive when it comes to procedures and compliance.

These new descriptors allow you to truly focus on the entire picture of an individual, rather than a snapshot. A renewed emphasis on keywords (aka P and C words, italicized above) directly applies the concepts of DISC to real life situations. These changes make sure the report is accessible and effective from the jump.

What is the Behavioral Continuum?

If you’re familiar with DISC, you might be used to two bar graphs running vertically, one for Natural and Adapted each. The Engagement Report changes all that with TTI SI’s premium behavioral continuum.


The behavioral continuum is a new view of DISC. While the traditional vertical graph requires two graphs for Natural and Adapted scores, the horizontal DISC continuum includes both scores, new descriptors for increased understanding, and keywords or “P and C” words to help describe the continuum.


How Can You Use the Engagement Report Right Now?

The Engagement Report was created as a new tool for the new world of work. Here are a few ways to harness the potential of this report right now.

  • Reconnect with employees as they deal with disengagement or navigate a transition back into the workplace.
  • Optimize roles based on the current needs of the organization and industry.
  • Enhance opportunities for engagement at all levels of the company.
  • Fast-track the reboarding process between peers, managers, and leadership.
  • Uncover the unique dynamics presented with hybrid teams.

If you’re a member of our network, ask your Business Development Consultant for extra content surrounding the report as well as the replay of our introductory webinar.

If you’re not a member of our network, but want to learn more about using assessments in your organization, get the info you need here.

The Engagement Report is the solution to workplace disconnect. Get started today.

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