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This Year’s Highlights: What You Need to See Before 2023




As the year wraps up, it’s a great time to reflect on 2022 and everything that was accomplished this year. The TTI SI blog put out a lot of foundational resources this year, and we want to make sure you see them before the holidays!

Here are our top performing blog series for 2022.


DISC Selling Skills Series

Selling is a skill every person needs in their career, whether it’s used for pitching ideas, asking for promotions, or in an actual sales-oriented role.

Since all behavioral types are different, it makes sense that their selling skills and approaches are different as well! This blog series explores the highs and lows of the behavioral continuum and details how each behavioral type can sell to all others, using their strengths and accounting for areas of opportunity.

Check out this popular blog series!


Diving Deeper Into Assessments

The 12 Driving Forces in Depth

Learning about motivation is a great way to fast track development. If you’ve ever wanted to dive into The 12 Driving Forces, this blog series is for you. We explored each side of all six motivators as well as what people with each primary driver need in their working environments.


The 5 Dimensions of EQ in Depth

EQ is a skill in high demand in corporate environments and that demand will only increase in high-performing organizations. We dug into the 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence and why each was important in the workplace. We also looked at what low emotional intelligence is through the lens of each dimension.


Battling Burnout

Unfortunately, burnout remained a popular topic in 2022. Workers are still struggling to keep stress levels down and find work that doesn’t demand labor at the cost of their health.

We firmly believe that battling burnout is the responsibility of the organization, not of the individual. That’s why we wrote Employees Burning Out? Here’s How Your Organization Can Step In. Spoiler: the answer always goes back to competitive benefits, a living wage, and an engaging workplace.

All that being said, there are steps that workers can take to protect their peace. We shared some in 4 Ways Individuals Can Combat Burnout.


Moving Forward in 2023

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