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The Odd Couple: Working Well With Opposite Drivers


As TTI SI’s Content Manager, I work closely with our sciences. I dig into research, academic sources, and first-hand experiences to better understand how we can share TTI SI assessments with the world. One source of information that becomes more and more valuable to me as I work here is my own experience.

It's amazed me how clearly the assessments show up in my work interactions! I’ve been talking with one coworker in particular, Jessica Boyle, our Director of Marketing. Jessica and I have worked closely together for over two years and when we dove into our drivers and compared them, we realized that we have opposite Driving Forces.

My primary drivers are:

  • Selfless
  • Intellectual
  • Altruistic
  • Receptive

Jessica’s primary drivers are:

  • Intentional
  • Resourceful
  • Instinctive
  • Harmonious

Not only are our top drivers different, but our indifferent drivers are also totally swapped! All four of Jessica’s top drivers are my bottom four, and three of my top drivers are Jessica’s indifferent drivers.

All of these differences might make you think, “Uh oh, we’re in for some conflict here.” But you’d be wrong! Jessica and I get along very well. We’ve developed a strong friendship and not only that, we functioned as a high achieving two-person marketing department for years.

How can people with such different passions come together in the workplace?

We had a conversation to find out!



When Do You Thrive with Your Drivers?

Jessica: I thrive when I can build an entire journey for a user and that can be a customer or an employee. I also really like being able to use my prior knowledge to complete my task and learn as I go rather than attending classes, reading, etc. I’m a hands-on learner and a hands-on teacher, so when I can impart that kind of wisdom to others and have them pick up on things quickly, I'm energized.

Jaime: I’m a storyteller and a people person! I know how to reduce chaos and friction and get down to the story in anything, be it research or an experience. I am easy-going and collaborative but I will draw a line in the sand for the things I care about, and I think that improves my work. I care deeply about helping others and making the world kinder, fairer, and more joyful.



When Do You Struggle with Your Drivers?

Jessica: My brain moves SO fast and I have to actively work to slow down instead of leaving others in my wake. I also will get stuck if things aren’t looking or operating functionally. For instance, to do my best work, having clear data is so important — I run into constant challenges where that’s not a priority for others so I will sometimes just stare at the problem without a way to get out of it. Then I’ll have to switch to something else.

Jaime: I am not very business-minded — that’s just a fact I understand about myself! I have a hard time putting strategy above what I believe to be right and can get lost in details and miss the big picture. I don’t value monetary gain at all (no, really; I have an absurd Resourceful score of 0, as opposed to the national average of 42!). I can become stubborn when confronted about not being practical and under stress, I become pedantic.

I also love completing tasks thoroughly and slowly, which is not always the play when you work in such an agile and dynamic department and field like marketing. My report says “Jaime may view activity as productivity.” That was a huge lightbulb moment for me.



Tell Us About a Time Where You Had to Consider Opposite Drivers to Succeed.

Jaime: Jessica and I got on well from the beginning of my time at TTI SI, which is a good thing because we were a two-person department for a long time! We had only worked together in person for a month before being sent home in 2020 and working remotely.

I struggled immensely with this shift and clung to her level head and her focus as we reworked our processes.

Jessica: Jaime and I have opposing drivers, but somehow we find common ground. I think that’s because Jaime is so patient with me!

I love a fast pace in my work but sometimes that leads to disruptions. We have affectionately named the result of this ‘spiderweb brain’; my thoughts can get tangled and complex, and others might not have the capacity to follow my decision-making without clarification.

Jaime: I am one of those people! My natural pace got totally thrown off as I was settling into a new workplace and position and I needed to figure out how to speed up while getting what I needed on our small team.

Jessica: 2020 was a crazy time and I was used to being a one-woman show, so I assumed everyone had the marketing knowledge of our CRM and how we operate. Oftentimes it would sound like I was speaking in code or moving on to the next project while Jaime was still trying to catch up on what I said.

Jaime: I was having a hard time following some of Jessica’s communications so we had a frank conversation. I said, “Something isn’t working. Let’s figure it out. Here’s what I need from you— clear deadlines and action items after meetings. What do you need from me?”

Jessica: She told me to stop, slow down, and communicate because not everyone’s brain is my brain. OBVIOUSLY. That was important for me to really understand and then work with in practice.

Jaime: It felt like a risk at the time because I loathe conflict, but it turned out to be the right move. Jessica stopped, listened, and adjusted her behavior while helping me adjust mine, and we found our groove working together!



What Have You Learned from Working with Jessica?

Jaime: Working with Jessica has taught me so much about how I can push myself! I can become obstinate when I believe people aren’t being centered and if my beliefs are challenged. Jessica is a true professional when it comes to discussing different points of view.

I’ve learned a lot from her about handling myself well in the workplace. She’s also incredibly business savvy and showed me you can be financially conscious without cutting corners or leaving people behind. Her strategic brain is something I am honestly in awe of!



What Have You Learned from Working with Jaime?

Jessica: I often focus on getting projects done as fast as possible, and Jaime is not afraid to push back and ask “Why?”. If we don’t have all of the information we need, she’ll challenge decisions. This behavior on her part has taught me to take a pause when working and I think “what would Jaime say here?” It really helps!

Despite my DISC type, I’ll take a lot just to be able to avoid confrontation. Jaime doesn’t like conflict either but she does not hesitate to share her opinion or her observations, and she articulates them in a very respectful way. It helps challenge me to be better, but it also comes into play when she notices something happening to me. She’s a great person to have on your team and in your corner.



What’s the Takeaway?

Jaime: It’s been an excellent experience working so closely with someone so different from me. I think having access to The 12 Driving Forces as a guideline and a frame of reference helped a lot— the assessment is a starting point for understanding, but you have to be willing to go the extra mile to understand your peers.

Jessica: I think that we find a balance through communication, Just knowing how the other person operates opens up a lot of possibility and potential in our team.

Jaime: If you’re in a similar situation, start seeking positives! Instead of focusing on how different you are, look at what you can learn from the other person. You’ll surprise yourself.



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