5 Reasons Why Understanding Acumen Is So Important

Human beings are very complex. While we can observe behaviors, other factors that make up who an individual is must be measured through other means, notably assessments. Ron Price of Price Associates presents 5 reasons why understanding acumen is so important.

6 Keys To Building High Performing Teams

For a team to be successful, all members need to be pulling in the same direction. Constructing the right team is the first step, followed by getting everyone's buy-in from the beginning. Use these 6 Keys To Building High Performing Teams to help you build, manage and lead a team of high performers.

Why Manager is a Four-Letter Word to Me

Leading & managing are two very different things. Leader conveys a positive connotation. It means I have my teammates backs, I support them, teach them & listen to them. The word managing conveys a negative image to me. You manage a 401k not a person. That is why manager is a four-letter word to me.

Resistance: How to overcome the enemy that stands between you and your life’s biggest goals (Part II)

Life's biggest goals often encounter resistance. Resistance is that chatter that gives us doubt, lack of confidence, forces procrastination and distracts us from achieving our life's biggest goals. By learning to overcome resistance you can achieve anything.

Resistance: The biggest enemy that stands between you and your life’s biggest goals (Part I)

Fear has killed more dreams than failure ever could. Fear is found in resistance. If we can learn how to beat resistance, we can begin to achieve life's biggest goals by having the guts to dream big and see that dream to fruition. Getting past resistance is the first step in accomplishing this.

It’s OK to Fail: 5 ways to face your fears

Sometimes we fear failure so much, we refuse to take action on something that potentially could have made us very happy. You can't celebrate your successes unless you're willing to take some chances. Realize that it's ok to fail and use these 5 ways to face your fears as your starting guide.

5 ways to move forward after a setback

It's not always easy to move forward after a setback but using these five principles can help turn a bad situation into a great learning experience.

The elevator pitch: ten seconds that can be the difference between success and failure

How to create your best elevator pitch in ten seconds or less

Dynamic Mentoring - The difference between winning and losing in the workplace

Finding a mentor is the smartest thing to do for anyone starting a new job or beginning employment with a new company.