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4 Ways for Consultants To Start Getting Executive Clients


Making the right connections is a key part of business. Your skills, expertise and business offering will go to waste if you’re not in front of the right people.

If you’re a coach or consultant who wants to buoy your business and start building your network of clients, there are a few things you can do to get started landing executive clients.



1. Use Your Personal Connections


The first step to landing executive clients is to use what you already have access to: your network! Make a list of all of the people you know, even outside of the professional world. Your connections from school groups, book clubs, sports teams, or any kind of organization you’re involved in can open up doors for you.

How many of these connections might be potential clients that you’ve never approached? Let them know you’re looking to add more clients and grow your business. Of course, you should back off if they’re not interested but it’s worth it to investigate all options before moving forward.

Don’t forget to ask for introductions if your network can be expanded! You never know who someone else will know. They might be the missing link you need to land executive clients.



2. Dig In to LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an incredible professional tool, but only if you’re using it correctly. Your first step is to spruce up your profile and give it some updates if it’s more than one year old. Is your photo current and portraying your image in the way you want it to? Is your bio engaging? Is your contact information current? Make sure the essentials are settled before moving on.

Your next step is to start posting and engaging with others. You need to aim for consistency — are you going to post monthly? Weekly? Do you want to publish your own writing as well as reshare content from others? Only commit to posting as frequently as you can while still maintaining the quality of your content.



3. Join or Ally With an Executive Forum


Your next step to finding executive clients is to join an executive forum. Think about where your decision makers spend time and find ways to join those groups and activities. The best kind of connections are based on mutual interests and collaboration. Executive forum groups like Vistage and your local Growth Advisors are great places to start.

A great way to get in front of the right people and subtly make the case for your skills and expertise is to offer complimentary executive briefings and workshops. It allows you to demonstrate your skills, create a demand for your expertise, and bring value to them, creating the perfect foundation for a working relationship.

Getting ‘in’ with the right network will open your door to working with executive clients. You never know what connection will be crucial in the future, so make as many genuine connections as you can. If possible, never turn down a networking opportunity.



4. Invest in the Right Tools


You can’t rely on organic networking alone! Investing in the right tools will help you build your network out into the most helpful opportunities possible.

One of the ways to do this is to take another look at your LinkedIn after you’ve revamped it. Your next step is to review your connections list— every connection counts, so take the time to reach out and re-establish a relationship with anyone you identify as a key player in your network.

A great tool within LinkedIn is the Sales Navigator, which allows you to search the connections of your connections. Ask yourself if the people you know are connected with others you want to work with, and then ask for a referral or introduction.

Your next step is to then subscribe to lists that can help you meet your goals. Subscribe to local ‘Fastest Growing Companies” and “Best Companies to Work For” lists to find your next crucial connection.



Make Your Move and Land Those Clients!

This might sound like a lot to start, but it’s work worth doing; taking all of these steps will progress your business expertise and help you find new executive clients.

Utilize your personal network, revamp and repurpose your LinkedIn profile, work with an executive network and invest in the right tools to find the executive clients that will transform your business.

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