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Empowering Recovery: Building Job Skills Through Assessments and Coaching



The People: Michael J. Griffin 

Michael J. Griffin is the founder of ELAvate (Equipping Leaders for Asia). For the last 30 years, he has served over 800 organizations across 21 nations by developing strategy-centered, productivity coaching, cross-cultural inclusivity training, and more. Currently living in Southeast Asia, he uses assessments from TTI Success Insights to increase understanding and transform the lives of his clients, both in corporate and not-for-profit environments. 

His life’s mission is to equip and inspire young people to embrace their potential. “I first came to Asia as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in 1976,” Griffin said. “I enjoyed the diversity of cultures and creative work and decided to make a home here.”

This call to serve others has led him to many organizations and experiences throughout his career. One of the most memorable and inspiring outcomes came from his work with The BreakThrough Rehab (BTR) Centre in Malaysia.

The Problem: Struggles with Addiction 

The BTR Centre is based in Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. Its mission is to help people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Many residents enter the center feeling broken and hopeless, struggling with feelings of failure and worthlessness. However, throughout their stays, the residents of the BTR Centre acquire essential job skills, motivation, and self-esteem to reintegrate into society and rebuild relationships and a vision for their future. 

“About 20 people participated in our program,” said Griffin. “They were as young as 17 and as old as 62. Every member of the program sought to better themselves and find a new way forward in life.”

Griffin was determined to help the residents find that way forward with the right tools and the right mindset to be successful and lessen the chance of relapse. 

The Solution: Self-confidence Through Self-leadership 

Griffin’s company, ELAvate, used TTI’s Talent Insights report, which includes DISC and the 12 Driving Forces, at the BTR Centre. This assessment provided a snapshot of each resident's strengths and motivators, instilling a sense of worthiness and value. Griffin then led residents in ELAvate WorkSkills Training, which provided essential job skills in self-leadership, effective communication, and teamwork.

“Everyone who participated gained great insight from their profiles,” said Griffin. “Thanks to the implementation of TTI’s Talent Insights assessment and WorkSkills training, the residents experienced a significant transformation, learning about their individual strengths and motivators, fostering a sense of worthiness and purpose, giving them the confidence to seek gainful employment and repair damaged relationships.”

The Results: Triumph and Transformation 

Graduating with impressive mastery skill test scores of 78% to 93%, the residents developed essential life skills in self-leadership, teamwork, and communication. They also leveraged their new insights to create resumes and practice interviewing, increasing their odds of finding meaningful employment, which can minimize the risk of relapse after leaving the program. 

"I am pleased to witness the remarkable impact of TTI assessments and profiles in our work with BTR Centre initiative,” said Griffin. “TTI always makes us proud to employ cutting-edge assessments and profiles to grow people and make the world a much better place.”



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