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How to Cheat on a DISC Test


If you’re here, you’re likely preparing for a job interview and want to make sure that you nail the DISC exam you’ll be taking as a part of the interview process.

I have good and bad news for you: the bad news is that you can’t cheat on a DISC exam, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Let’s break down some misconceptions about DISC and what it means.



Why Do Employers Use DISC?

TTISI_People_DISCSo you’ve nailed a first interview, you’re getting a second one scheduled, but before that, oh no! You’ve been sent a link for a DISC test. Being tested for something never feels great, especially in a high stakes job interview process.

Here’s the good news! DISC isn’t a test. It’s an assessment, which is a measurement of human behavior. You can’t fail it, so calling it a test is incorrect! It’s not measuring aptitude or ability — it’s simply categorizing your behavior into measurable categories. This gives potential employers a snapshot of you — your preferred working style, your communication skills, and your natural behavior as opposed to your adapted workstyle.



Take Off the Mask

CaseStudies2DISC is particularly effective because it reveals your true nature, which negates the ‘masking’ process in interviews. Masking is when candidates present themselves in the best possible light, to the point of embellishing or dishonesty.

Masking can be unintentional, but it still matters for employers and for you! If at your core, your personality isn’t compatible with the tasks required of a position, you shouldn’t waste your time. DISC helps both parties understand their needs, and the needs of the other people involved.



What Will an Employer Do With My Results?

Benchmarking_Webinar_PeopleGraphicOne of the ways that employers use DISC in the interview process is by measuring your assessment results against the score of an ideal candidate. This process is called benchmarking, and it’s a way for employers to measure behavior against what they need in a position.

Not matching the benchmark can’t automatically disqualify you from a position, so don’t sweat it! Ultimately, benchmarking helps them and you —- it makes sure no one wastes time with a bad fit. If you don’t at least somewhat align with a benchmarking, you’d likely be unhappy in the role.



You Can’t Cheat DISC, Period

DISC_Background-1OK, so now you know what DISC is and why employers use it. Now it’s time to find out exactly why you just can’t cheat the process.

When you get in your head and overcompensate with your answers, your results will show it. There are several ‘tells’ that reveal someone was lying on their assessment. (If you’re in our network, email your Solutions Consultant to find out what they are!)

This is a red flag for employers. If they’re using a benchmarking process, they’re likely working with a consultant or coach who will spot these telltale signs from the jump. Your plan to win them over will backfire.



DISC Is a Chance for You to Learn About Yourself


I hope I’ve convinced you not to try to game the system when it comes to DISC! Take this as an opportunity to learn about yourself. DISC reveals the ‘how’ of human behavior: how you do what you do. It’s observable as well — over time, if you know the language, you would be able to start seeing DISC in others.

Since you only have a brief window of time to make an impression on your hopefully future employer, take it seriously and be honest! If you don’t get the position, ask if you can keep a copy of your DISC scores! They might not oblige, but it’s worth asking.

If you want to learn more about DISC, read our comprehensive breakdown of the assessment here. If you want to take an assessment, contact us to learn more.

If you’re curious about becoming a member of the TTI Success Insights network, get the info you need here.

DISC is a great tool for all professionals and people. Make sure you get the most of your DISC results, and good luck in your job search!


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