Jul 16, 2021 | 3
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Monthly Minute: Prepare Your Staff For Mid-Year Performance Reviews

We’re already halfway through the year! If your team is getting ready for mid-year performance reviews, there are three things each employee should bring into the process.

Watch July’s Monthly Minute and find out what they need.

If each person adapts their style to the others, they’ll have a more productive and fulfilling conversation. (Hint: use the Ideal Environment page in your DISC report to do just that!)

Interested in learning more about communication and adapting behavior? TTI SI has the tools and resources to help your team thrive.

If you’re not a member of our network, but want to learn more about using assessments in your organization, get the info you need here.

If you’re a coach or consultant looking for information about how you can transform your business by using assessments, download our free e-book for the answers you need.


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Jaime Faulkner