What is the True Cost of a Bad Hire?

Successful companies know the importance of hiring the right candidate the first time. It all starts with understanding the real cost of a bad hire.

How ENGAGED is Your Company’s Workforce? [Infographic]

The American workforce has over 100 million full-time employees. Gallup researched 195,600 of those to uncover interesting insight on employee engagement.

What Do Today's Employees Really Want From Their Employer?

A fair salary and medical benefits are no longer all it takes to attract great talent. Today's workers want more. Is your company willing to deliver?

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3 Questions Recent Graduates Should Ask Themselves Before Entering the Workforce

As the latest graduating class leaves school, a question many will ask is where to start their careers. Here's 3 important questions graduates need to ask.

Secrets for Attracting High-Performing Talent in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

Putting people first, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Companies that put people first will have a staff of employees excited to do what they do. These employees will do better work, while acting as the company’s own recruiting arm by promoting the company's virtues to their peers.

5 Reasons Why Training is Important

The level to which you train your employees will have a direct impact on whether or not you run a successful business. Here are five good reasons to make sure your employees have the best training possible, and what can happen as a result.

Self-Selection: A Better Hiring Strategy for Reducing Turnover

It's often been said that having a few good friends is more desirable than having many acquaintances. The same can be said for job candidates. Time is money. Interviewing truly qualified and culturally-aligned candidates because of self-selection makes hiring more efficient and effective.

6 Reasons Your Current Employees May Be Planning Their Escape (And What Can Be Done To Prevent It)

Leaders who feel their employees are content would probably be surprised to find out that upwards of 75% of a company’s workforce may be open to - or are actively searching for - a new job at any given time, and that about 58 percent of US adults look, at least monthly, for a new job.