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Unexpected Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset



You’ve likely heard the term growth mindset, but it’s far more than just a buzzword.

Developing a growth mindset is a worthy endeavor for any professional, regardless of industry. However, if you feel yourself slipping into a fixed mindset, you’re likely to have more difficulty getting out of your comfort zone to amend it.

Here are some unexpected ways to develop a growth mindset. Push yourself to try something new and reap the benefits of adaptability, creativity, and resilience!

Learn a New Language

One of the best ways to challenge yourself and keep your mind healthy is to learn a new language. The benefits of bilingualism are well-documented: knowing multiple languages helps executive function, encourages the growth of gray matter, and can possibly stave off Alzheimer’s.

Learning a new language forces you to actively engage, choose words more carefully, and experience the intricacies of different cultures through a new system of communication. Learning a new language can also help you meet new people if you’re taking a class or immersing yourself in locations with native speakers. You can also use this skill when you travel, which is a great way to develop a growth mindset.

Take an Improv Class

If you don’t have performance experience, it can be intimidating to consider taking an improv class. Improv is short for improvisation. It’s a form of theater that requires performers to work together to create the performances spontaneously.

If you’re sweating nervously at the thought of giving this a try, that’s exactly the point! Improv can feel very formidable, which is exactly what makes it so effective for developing a growth mindset. It requires a willingness to embrace failure and think on your feet while improving communication and collaboration skills. It’s even used in corporate settings to bring new energy to team workshops

You’ll learn how to express yourself confidently and with less fear of sounding silly or being misunderstood—the format forces you to keep things moving without dwelling on errors, which can be a great skill to take into certain work situations.

Spend Time with People of Different Ages

One of the best ways to develop yourself is to challenge your point of view. You can do this by spending time with people of different ages. By interacting with children, teens or elderly people, you’ll get a peek into how they see the world. They will likely notice things you do not and might give you a new appreciation and perspective of the environments around you. It’s also a great way to learn about different behavioral styles and see how those develop throughout different stages of life.

Witnessing the growth and development of people across different stages can be inspiring! Volunteering is a great way to make these connections. Join a program that mentors children or teens to make an impact and rethink your perspective. Connect with seniors by volunteering at a retirement home, making new connections, and working on your communication skills. It will give you experience-based perspectives and broaden your growth mindset.

Try Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga “involves various movement and breathing exercises to promote intentional laughter. It’s used as a remedy for physical, psychological, and spiritual ailments,” according to Healthline.

This practice is usually done in a group setting led by a yoga teacher, going through various exercises to promote laughter and relaxation. The group setting can help you make new connections by contributing to an environment where you and others are out of your comfort zones.

There are a lot of benefits to laughter yoga, including better breath control, stress management, and relaxation. It fosters a positive mindset, which, in turn, aids a growth mindset. If it makes you feel silly, that’s the point!

Embrace the Unexpected and Develop Your Growth Mindset

Developing a growth mindset should be anything but boring; encourage your personal growth by experimenting with new situations and skills! By learning a new language, exploring improv classes, spending time with different age groups, or trying laughter yoga, you will challenge yourself and learn new skills at the same time.

The best part of working on a growth mindset is the fact that any and all work is a step in the right direction. Even if you try one of these activities and find it's not for you, you’ve still explored something new and worked on your growth mindset. No experience is wasted!


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