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TriMetrix® HD: What You Need to Know


If you’re looking for an assessment offering a deep dive into a person, you need to know about TriMetrix HD. Here’s what you need to know about this four-part assessment.



What Does the TriMetrix HD Assessment Measure?

The TriMetrix HD assessment was created to provide the network with a multi-faceted assessment that measures:



What Unique Need Does TriMetrix HD Fulfill?


TriMetrix HD uncovers critical data points that will give an individual the opportunity to leverage and maximize their potential. It helps identify areas that are or may become obstacles in attaining their goals.

How Can TriMetrix HD Help You Right Now?

There is a lot of information within a TriMetrix HD report. Here are just a few of the ways you can use this assessment.


Understanding a job candidate’s behavioral style, values, skills, and decision-making based on how they see the world. Having this information available as a benchmark in the interview process will only lead to a quality hire. Using this tool in the hiring process assists in removing the emotional component for the hiring manager, and focuses on what the job needs to create positive results.

Professional Development

Once you identify “how” a person gets things done (Behaviors), “why” they do what they do (Drivers), the skill set they bring to the organization (Competencies), and the “capacity” they have to make around people, tasks and systems, you have a snapshot of how best to maximize an individual’s results.

TriMetrix HD is an excellent foundation for building a professional development plan. Each assessment brings a different insight into the facets of a person; this holistic picture can show you where you are and where you’d like to go.

Personal Development

TriMetrix HD is also a favorite assessment for personal development. Becoming the best version of yourself is less of a challenge when you understand your preferred communication style, ideal environments, skills, and worldview.

Using these four facets of information will help you make better decisions, lean into your strengths, create a cohesive environment.

The assessment will provide the framework to quickly identify a person’s strengths and development opportunities. Individuals that wish to become the best they can be, regardless of personal or professional reasons, will benefit from understanding what their preferred communication style is, what is their ideal environment, the skills they are good at, and how clearly they see and think about the world and themselves.



Who Can Use the TriMetrix HD Assessment?


For Individuals

TriMetrix HD is a robust report that can really help individuals shine. TTI SI has versions of this report for executives and sales roles, as well as a gap report and an abbreviated talent report.

For Pairs

This assessment can be used for two people as well! The TriMetrix HD Comparison Report gives a side-by-side comparison of two individuals, and the Management-Staff Coaching Report supports professional development, selection, onboarding and succession planning.

For Selection and Hiring

TriMetrix HD is a comprehensive tool that is particularly effective in the hiring process. Use the Job Report as a foundation of success to realize key talent indicators and the Job/Talent Comparison Report allows for up to five individuals to be considered against a job benchmark.



What’s Your Next Step With TriMetrix HD?

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of the TriMetrix HD assessment for your organization, TTI SI can help.

If you’d like to join the network of consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs who use TTI SI as their assessment provider and partner, contact us here.

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