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TTI Talent Insights: What You Need to Know


TTI Talent Insights is an assessment tool created by TTI SI. It combines DISC and 12 Driving Forces, revealing both the ‘how’ (DISC) and ‘why’ (12 Driving Forces) of an individual in one report.

This combination of assessments helps identify a person’s behaviors and drivers, which sheds particular insight into their actions and reactions.



How can you use TTI Talent Insights?

TTI Talent Insights is a particularly effective assessment tool. Here are a few of the ways coaches and consultants use it with clients.

Run Comparison Reports

Getting unique insight between a leader and their direct reports is key to smooth communication and the development of those direct reports. When a leader can understand how and why their team prefers to work, they can then create a professional development plan accordingly. When direct reports understand how they compare to their leaders, they can position themselves for better communication.

Utilize Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the process of creating the profile of the ideal candidate for a position and then measuring all candidates against that profile. We’ve shared before about the basics of that process, and we’ve also found that the TTI Talent Insights combo assessment is an excellent tool for the job.

Combining DISC and 12 Driving Forces gives a brief but essential snapshot into a job candidate. You can learn how they communicate, areas where they shine, what motivates them in their role, and areas for improvement, all before an interview. That insight is invaluable.


Kickstart Team Development

One of the best things about using assessments is the fact that it establishes a baseline of key understanding between team members. The shared language of assessments arms your team with the right way to express their experiences as individuals and as members of a team.

If there’s a repeated disconnect between two peers, TTI Talent Insights lets them compare their ‘How’ and their ‘Why’ to try to find where the problem is coming from. If individuals have opposite motivations and dissimilar communication styles, that can cause a gap in their understanding of each other. TTI Talent Insights gives you a way to connect despite differences, and see the strengths that come from those differences.

Enhance Personal Development

TTI Talent Insights is incredibly popular for a reason; it allows the assessment taker to see their basic behavior and motivation mapped out clearly. At TTI SI, we really believe in our tools; everyone at our office headquarters has their TTI Talent Insights graphs displayed at their desk.

Knowing yourself is your first step to self-improvement. Personal development can be as simple as looking at your baseline behavior and making changes to the areas you want to improve while holding onto the areas you’re happy with.



How can I use TTI Talent Insights right now?

“TTI Talent Insights effortlessly integrates the Behaviors individuals bring to the job and the driving forces that motivate them,” said Rick Bowers, TTI SI President. “It’s the key to understanding how to enhance performance and increase overall job satisfaction.”

Awareness is only an assessment away. If you’re interested in harnessing the benefits of the TTI Talent Insights report, we’re here to help. Contact us here to learn how you can use assessments in your organization.

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