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Why the New World of Work Needs Dynamic Consultants


Teams are going remote and automation is on the rise. Company culture is more crucial than ever, but more and more industries are struggling to communicate. Our new normal is still unfolding.

The one thing that is unchanging throughout it all? The desire for people to connect. While yes, automation is rising, employers want people. 49% of employers said it was a challenge to find candidates with hard skills, and 51% experience difficulty in looking for employees with soft skills, according to the LaSalle Network.

Businesses need to adapt to survive, period. If an organization isn’t focusing on putting people first, they won’t endure these changes. The truth is, the demand for better communication, stronger problem-solving skills, and increased emotional intelligence reflects our disconnect as a culture.

Work hours get longer, burnout is only increasing, and all people want at the end of the day is to be understood, by others and by themselves.



Consultants Will Guide the Way

TTISI_People_DISCAs a consultant, you know all about this need. You work every day to reveal potential and uncover understanding in teams and organizations. Your growth mindset is your greatest weapon against apathy and the changing tides.

Now is your time to take on the role of trusted advisors to guide business owners and their leadership teams through turbulence to emerge aware and enlightened.

To do this, you need to be able to uncover deep insights, and you need all the tools and support you can get to guide these changes.



Release Human Potential

TTI Success Insights has some of those tools you need to pave the way. Our industry-leading assessments and research-backed network of professionals will be the combination to help you lead the pack.


“The TTI SI assessment results really validate and put in black and white employees’ strengths and areas for improvement”

- Wade Johnson
CEO of Valor Health


Our business model operates around 3 Rs: Reveal, Release, Realize. Our assessments reveal human potential by providing research-backed insight into individuals. As a member of our network and a TTI SI reseller, your job is to release that potential to your clients. Your skills, foundational knowledge, and ability to both empathize and strategize help teams and organizations realize and implement that potential in their day-to-day.

“The TTI SI assessment results really validate and put in black and white employees’ strengths and areas for improvement,” says Wade Johnson, CEO of Valor Health. “This is a valuable tool all companies can benefit from. It’s that powerful.”

Imagine being the one to deliver that tool to clients. Your expertise and TTI SI assessments are the way forward for the new workplace.



What Do You Get When You Join the Network?

consultant-business-reviewWhen you become a TTI SI reseller, you gain access to the following:

Personalized Support

Integrate our assessments and amplify your income with support from our team of Solutions Consultants and Business Development Consultants, who take the time to learn about your business and invest in your success.

Industry Leader

Partner with an industry leader since 1984; TTI SI currently offers assessments in 40 languages and over 90 countries.

Strategy Sessions

Leverage collaborative strategy sessions with key TTI SI staff and experts to increase client usage.

Product Training

Enjoy virtual training on our products and solutions, included in the initial investment.

Regular Education

Get access to education and training on science, research, products and sales strategies.

In-House Research Team

Learn from our dedicated in-house research and development team who ensure TTI SI assessments are accurate and effective.

Customizable Reports

Enhance your coaching, training, selection or consulting services with assessment reports that are customizable for your clients.

Online Delivery System

Utilize our turnkey, 24/7, customizable online delivery system for secure assessment experiences.



Create a Better World of Work

JoinTheNetworkWebinarLP_MiddleImageThe new normal will be what you make it, so let’s make it incredible. If you’re looking for credible, industry-leading assessments and a team that is invested in your growth and success, TTI Success Insights is the right partner for you.

Don’t just take our word for it — get the answers you need to your questions about TTI SI. The Clear Your Path to Profit Webinar will share 3 myths about consulting and how you can bust them in your business. Find a place to connect, discuss, and learn more about TTI SI’s tools. Reserve your seat here.

If you want to talk to us about becoming a reseller, we’re here to answer your questions! Request information here or give TTI SI a call at 480.443.1077.

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