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12 Driving Forces in Depth: Surroundings


What Is the 12 Driving Forces Assessment?

Using the right kind of skill assessment in your organization will transform the way your team understands one another and works together.

12 Driving Forces is an assessment that measures why a person does what they do. It measures the motivation (and strength) behind behaviors, using 6 different motivators.

Those motivators are...

These 6 motivators are each divided into two distinct sides, measuring each factor. Based on a continuum, these 12 drivers make up a person’s cluster of Driving Forces.
Read more about the basics of The 12 Driving Forces here.

How Are Surroundings Defined in the 12 Driving Forces?


The focus of the Aesthetic motivator continuum is their surroundings, precisely how the beauty and form in their surroundings impact and influence their experience.

The keyword for the Aesthetic is Surroundings and the two ends of this continuum are Harmonious and Objective.

What Does Harmonious Mean in the 12 Driving Forces Assessment?

The Harmonious person has a subjective focus on the experience and the totality of their surroundings – often preferring form over function and seeking to beautify and harmonize the world around them.

Harmonious people feel a high level of satisfaction when they can create harmony and tranquility in all aspects of their life.

Beyond beauty, a Harmonious driver looks at the big picture. This person may like to complete projects in order to see the full picture seamlessly evolving over time.

What Do Harmonious People Need in the Workplace?

The first thing people with a Harmonious driver need in the workplace is an acknowledgment of their moods and experience in their surroundings. Find this out by asking them how they feel about their work environment. What stimulates them? What distracts them? What can be improved or changed immediately, and what needs to be changed over time? Harmonious people already have a strong sense of aesthetics and will know what they need to have better experiences.

Harmonious people are looking for balance in all areas— help them find it! Make sure that your entire team has a balanced workload. They need time to think, daydream, and work through problems at their own pace.

Another important thing: ensure that your Harmonious team members have opportunities to continue to develop themselves. Harmonious people are driven by creative self-expression and opportunities to experience new things, so make sure they have a creative outlet, no matter their role.

What Does Objective Mean in the 12 Driving Forces Assessment?

People with an Objective driver are driven by the functionality and objectivity of their surroundings. They are not distracted in environments filled with chaos and have the ability to view everything in pieces and focus on one piece at a time.

It’s right in the name; Objective people are constantly looking for objectivity in their environments and focus on function over form. They prefer to break a whole project or idea down into measurable parts and look at them independently of one another.



What Do Objective People Need in the Workplace?


People with an Objective driver need a functional work environment over everything else. When communicating with them, make sure to get to the point! Using bullet points without overloading a conversation with extraneous information will help them hone in on what needs to get done; in the same mindset, try to remove emotions and feelings from discussions as much as possible.

Objective people are also excellent project managers. They don’t lose their cool in the chaos of a large-scale objective and can break projects down into a more manageable scale. Let them harness their ability to focus on specific, measurable outcomes and watch your entire team thrive because of that.

One thing to keep in mind; when Objective people get overwhelmed or extend too far past their abilities, they might end up creating chaos rather than solving it since their tolerance for it is much higher than others. Help keep your Objective team members on track with project briefs, clear to-dos, and outlined goals for them to hit.

Harmonious Drivers, Objective Drivers, And You

Harmonious people and Objective people both offer a crucial insight for your workplace. Their different perspectives and talents will make your team all the stronger when it comes to taking action and making aesthetic decisions.

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